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Upon Steve Jobs’ death, Apple released a one-hour interview from 1994
with Jobs and a computer company called NeXT in memory of its creative
father. As a very organized and self-aspired speaker, Jobs always gave
the best composed yet inspiring interviews. However, unlike his powerful
Stanford Commencement Speech which was about the pride of making
history, the back-then already-succeeded Steve Jobs showed his rare
humility. On his legacy, Jobs elaborated how Apple and Mackintosh were
not Renaissance paintings that would last two centuries for people to
admire, they would become obsolete and forgotten very quickly. He
repeated the word ‘obsolete’ over and over, emphasizing how what he had
done was just one thin layer of sediment in a mountain. People who are
enjoying the scenery on top of the mountain would not know or remember
the past or the buried. Only some rare geologists may come along and
have an appreciative smile about the little obsolete layer he
This humbling remark showcased how much of a visionary and perfectionist
Steve Jobs was. It is the ultimate confession of a true artist. Jobs
spent his entire life advocating his puristic idealism about the art of
technology. Lucky for him, he did not have to make compromises. He made
the exceptions into rules. As a survivor and a winner, he was grateful
for being remembered by even an appreciative few.
Not everyone is as lucky as Jobs.
Certainly not the fictional folk singer Llewyn Davis in Coen brothers’
new film “Inside Llewyn Davis”.
Llewyn Davis is not Dave Van Ronk even though the script is loosely
based on Von Ronk’s memoir. He is certainly not Bob Dylan despite of
being in Greenwich Village in the 60s. Llewyn Davis is simply not real;
or even if he is real, we will not ever have heard of him because he
represents the musicians who struggle to make a living out of their
dreams, who do not lack the talent but the luck. He is too stubborn in
his pursuit of music, too unrealistic in his isolated existence and too
lonely even for the cat (who, as it turned out ironically, is called
I quite disagree with New Yorker’s interpretation on Coen brothers’
intention with the gloomy weather and constant snow. I don’t think the
Coens are trying to make the audience feel sorry Llewyn (he alienates
himself almost perfectly), they merely show that Llewyn Davis is a
choice, a consciously desperate yet uncompromised choice. The movie
itself is written and directed out of that choice. It’s exquisitely
comic yet carefully angry. Every now and then, the audience see hints of
Coens’ applause to the folk singer with a cat. Even in John Goodman’s
mocking comments on Llewyn’s music partner (who killed himself upon
pressure of life): “George Washington Bridge? You threw yourself off the
Brooklyn Bridge, traditionally! George Washington Bridge? Who does
For the Best Director speech for “No Country for Old Man”, Joel Coen
thanked people for “allowing [him and Ethan] to continue to play in
their corner of the sandbox”. They are, at heart, just two peculiar film
makers who got lucky. Llewyn Davis is the Bob Dylan who never succeeded,
and the Coen brothers who didn’t make it. Inside Llewyn Davis lie the
genuine, artistic endeavors that insist on its untainted vision; Inside
Coen brothers, there is gratitude to luck and salute to persistence. A
movie about folk music, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is Coens’ beautiful love
letter to the tried, the failed and the uncompromised.

Coen brothers chose a story of telling hard life of folk song singer
Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) in 1960s in the U.s. in film “inside Llewyn

B organisation and individuals

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Actor Oscar did a fantansic job of singing and acting. He is really
charming. His eyes can talk whenever being excited or tired.

01 an organisation NBA

I`m going to talk about the NBA, which stands for the National
Basketball Association. It`s probably the most renowned sports
organisation in the entire world.

As far as I know, currently the NBA is made up of 30 teams from America
and Canada. The organisation was founded in New York like 60 years ago.
At first, things were kind of tough, but these days, it`s one of the
most influential sports organisations in the world.

There are tons of basketball buffs in China and that`s why NBA has such
a huge following here. Some NBA games are even played in China and the
tickets always sell out like 20 minutes.

I don`t know ehay but sometimes in China, live broadcasts of the
regular season or playoffs stop being aired all of a sudden. And that
really bothers me. Well, it`s good we still have the Internet.

My favourite basketball plays are Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant. They are
really cool. I admire them not just for their successes, but also for
their spirit, you know, their sportsmanship. They have been named the
MVP many times, which made them real legends in my eyes.

The NBA is a legend, too. No doubt about it, because it`s so successful
in terms of making money. And more importantly, it`s entertaining. I
hope more NBA players will come over to China and show us their amazing
basketball skills.

Bob Dylan

This film makes fans of folk music love the music more. There is no
dramatic scenes, just as life itself.

02 fitness club

I`m going to talk about the fitness club I belong to.

Last summer, I felt really out of shape. A friend of mine told me some
exercise would get me back in shape. So I went to this fitness club. It
was open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and it offered a variety of
memberships. They also had a three-day guest pass for first-timers. I`d
never been to a gym before so they recommended their “8-week beginner`s

It turned out that the club was pretty cool. It had lots of good
machines like the treadmills. exercise bikes and steppers. All the
equipment was brand-new. It also offered Pilates and yoga classes. And
with the membership I could use the swimming pool for free.

When I first started working out there, my body hurt all over. But then
I got used to the exercise, and now I`m feeling pretty good. Sometimes
I ask the trainers for some advice. They are real experts and always
give me sound advice.

My one-year membership cost me 1.500 renmibi – kind of expensive, right?
because I`Inside Coen brothers。m getting my money`s worth.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize has reignited thedebate about whether song
lyrics can ever be considered literature. Is it timeto finally tear down
these cultural barriers?

Beginning and ending part echo with each other in the film.

03 a famous person: Faye Wong

I would say Faye Wong is still my idol, despite the complaints about her
performance at the New Year`s Eve gala.

Faye was born and raised in Beijing. Her father took her to Hong Kong
when she was 18. At first, she went to modeling classes because she was
tall and slim. But she soon lost interest in modeling. Faye enjoyed
humming tunes because she felt it was relaxing.

A songwriter noticed that and was really impressed by her voice. So he
encouraged her to sign a recording contract. Faye released her first
album at the age of 19. Then a very important album was produced.
Several songs in this, album became gib hits amd won awards for her. So
far, practically all her albums have been really well-liked.

Unlike other singers in Hong Kong, Faye ignores the press. And that
gives her some bad-firl appeal, which I find really attractive.Faye is
not only a talented singer but alos a great actress. A couple of years
ago, she even won a best-actress award.

Although some people felt disappointed with her performance at last
year`s New Year`s Eve gala, I still adore her “rebel” image. She never
treats the press well but the press has to respect her for her
incredible talent..

Every now and then an esteemed literaryfigure will see fit to pass
judgement on the works of a pop star.

Well said, music and singing are the joyest thing for one’s soul.

04 singer: Jay Chou

I guess you heard a lot about Jay Chou too because he`s so incredibly
famous in China.

He grew up in a single-parent family. When he was littel, Jay didn`t
get good grades at school. His mother was really concerned about him,
but he just looked on the bright side. When he felt down or lonely, he
looked for nice musci to cheer him up.

He was kind of average-looking so no one really expected him to make it
as a singer. he wrote songs for many popular singers like Karen Mok and
Vivian Hsu.

Jay released his first album “Jay” fifteen years ago. His soft voice was
so unique and this album turned out to be an instant hit.

His music is always original. That`s why many young Chinese simply
adore hime. His latest album “Opus 12” is, again, a smash hit.

Jay`s music blends many elements, like R&B, hip-top, and folk music.
Recently, it seemed like he was really into giving his songs some
traditional chinese appeal, like he did in “The Porcelain”.

Young people are just crzay about him and tickets to his concerts always
sell out in just a couple of hours..

It’s been going on since the early 1960s,when songwriters first began to
aspire to something more than rhyming”moon” with “June”.

With full scale of 10 I would give the film 8.5 for Coen Brothers’
talent and deep love of music and Oscar Isaac’s fabulous performance.

05 instrumentalist: Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma is one of the most renowned cellists in the world. His father
gave him lessons on the cello when he was just four. When Yo-Yo Ma was
nine he had the opportunity to study at the famous Juilliard School of
Music in New York.

Now he`s considered to be one of the greatest cellist in the world. He
tours the world playing his cello. When he performs solo, he likes to
play classical musci. But he has recorded country music, traditional
Chinese musci and African music as well and actually, he`s always
looking for new ways to express himself.

He also likes to perform on stage with other artists. Wherever he
performs, people are moved by his music. Sometimes the effect is so
powerful that many audience members are moved to tears. And he always
receives thunderous applause and cheers at the end of his shows.

He`s a really talented guy…

The literary establishment, bothhorrified and fascinated by the
attention being lavished on these long-hairedupstarts, felt it was
incumbent upon them, as cultural gatekeepers, to saysomething.

06 artist: Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is now considered to be one of the greatest painters
because og his profound influence on modern art. His most famous
masterpieces were the Sunflowers and the Starry Night.

Van Gogh was born and grew up in the Netheralnds. He was a compassionate
person and had great sympathy for the poor people there. He even gave
away most of his own thing to the poor, but then got fired by his boss
and had to rely on his brother for money.

van Gough painted farmers and workers. He was incredibly talented and
creative., instead of trying to copy what he had before his eyes, he
just used colours freely in order to better express his emotions.

Later he moved to Paris, where he sold none of his works. Van Gogh was
poor and had serious illnesses. In the end, he suffered so much from his
illnesses that he took his own life with a gun.

As a painter, he sold only one painting during his lifetime and was
little known to the art world at the time of his death. But his fame
grew fat after his death. I admire him not just because of his talent.
Actually he`s much more than a great painter. He`s one of the greatest
cultural heroes of modern times..

In recent years, it is rap stars thathave found themselves in high
culture’s cross hairs.

07 historicia people

Sun Wu was one of the greatest military theorists in ancient China. I
don`t know about you, but I have read the Art of War many, many times.
His theories have profound influence on today`s military and business
leader`s decision-making.

He lived in an age of war about 3,000 years ago. Sun Wu worte loads of
books about military theories. When the ruler of the state WU asked Sun
WU to show his theories by training ladies of his court, those beauties
kept laughing at Sun Wu as he gave them orders. Sun Wu had two of them
executed immediately, then none of the others dared to laugh again.
Finally they were trained well enough to go into battle.

Sun Wu was appointed as a general bacause of this. From then on Sun WU
lead his armies with great success. His military theories covered a lot
of ground, incuding the factors that decided who would be the winner,
how to defeat the enemy without even fighting a battle, making the best
use of the situations and guiding the struggle to victory.

His theories were created thousands of years ago but they are still very
useful today. Amazing, huh?

In 2003, no less a figure than Nobellaureate Seamus Heaney hailed “this
guy Eminem”, who he said had”created a sense of what is possible” and
“sent a voltage aroundhis generation”.

08 entrepreneur: Bill Gates

Let me talk about one of the richest guys in the world, Bill Gates.
Actually, I guess you know more about him than I do. But… anyway, let
me give it a try.

When Bill way littel, sometimes when his mother asked him what he was
doing simply replied he was thinking. An unusual answer for a little
kid, huh?

At age 13, Bill Gates started programming computers. Later he went to
Harvard Law School, only to drop out his junior year. He started a
computer software company called Microsoft. He hoped there could be
personal computers in every home and every wordplace.

His dream was to create software technology that would be inexpensive
and easy enough for everyone to use. Bill gates also wrote a famous book
called The ORad Ahead, which clearly expalined the value of computer
technology in modern life and made predictions about the future of

Microsoft has become the leading business in the world, which had made
Bill and his wife the richest couple in the world. But they did much
more than just becoming rich. They established a fundation to help
people suffering from poor health..

‘Bad poems’

John Sutherland, professor Emeritus of

Modern English Literature at University College London, hascompared the
late Tupac Shakur’s Hit Em
a blistering, foul-mouthedassault on his perceived rap rivals – to
the vers libre of 19thCentury American poet Walt Whitman. Rap is a “very
word-centred”form, argues Sutherland, and its essence is in rhyming and

But Eminem and Tupac were never going tobe the first songwriters to win
the Nobel Prize for Literature. That honour wasprobably always going to
belong to Bob Dylan.

Dylan is one of the very few musicalartists to have spawned their own
cottage industry in academia, with Oxfordpoetry professor Christopher
Ricks getting the ball rolling in the early 1970s,by comparing the
folk-rock troubadour to Keats.

Dylan’s lyrics – ambiguous, playful andallusive – lend themselves to
furrowed-brow study in a way that the vastmajority of song words do not.
Many music fans will be eternally by gratefulfor that. Lyrics are not
meant to be “poetry” and vice versa, theywould argue.

“Songwriters are not poets,”

新葡萄京娱乐场网址,wrote Simon Armitage, one of the UK’s most popular poets,in 2008 in The

“Or songs are not poems, I shouldsay. In fact, songs are often bad
poems. Take the music away and what you’releft with is often an awkward
piece of creative writing full of lumpysyllables, cheesy rhymes,
exhausted cliches and mixed metaphors.”

Any songwriters feeling slighted by

Armitage’s assessment of their craft can always seek out his own song

written for his hobby band, which he admittedin a 2013
“on the whole, toowordy”.

‘Eloquent and relevant’

The poet is an admirer of Alex Turner,chief songwriter of The Arctic
Monkeys, whose witty, punning lyrics abouteveryday life on the band’s
early albums were seen as being firmly in theEnglish social realist
tradition of Jarvis Cocker or Ray Davis of The Kinks.

These writers clearly have a gift forputting words to music. Does it
matter whether the results are consideredliterature or not?

Professor Howard Rambsy, who teaches acourse on rap lyrics at Southern
Illinois University, firmly believes that itdoes.

He is “excited” by Bob Dylan’sNobel Prize – and he says he has no time
for those on social media who say itshould have gone to a “more
deserving” novelist or poet.

It helps settle the “bigdebate” about whether lyrics are worthy of
serious literary consideration.”At least for the Nobel Laureate
committee, the answer is yes,” hesays.

Prof Rambsy finds discussing the lyricsof rapper Jay-Z a good way to
engage young literature students and get themthinking about concepts
like allusion and alliteration.

“There are always good lines in rap,clever wordplay that brings various
ideas together in a way that is botheloquent and relevant. But the ones
that stand out are those who can weave theideas into a story,” he says.

‘Great mind’

Rap has some literary roots – such asSixties radicals The Last Poets and
Gil Scott Heron, writer of The RevolutionWill Not Be Televised, who
began his career as a novelist – but rap artiststend not to wear their
literary ambitions on their sleeves in the way that BobDylan’s
generation of coffee house wordsmiths did.

There was two-way traffic between theliterary and musical worlds, which
began with the Beat Poets in the previousdecade. Leonard Cohen, a
published poet, slid effortlessly into the role offolk balladeer. John
Lennon published a volume of nonsense verse In His OwnWrite.

Song words began to be printed ongatefold album sleeves, allowing the
audience – educated young people desperatefor the music they loved to
have some depth and meaning – the opportunity topore over them as if
they were great works of literature.

Big-selling artists such as the Beatlesand The Rolling Stones, taking
their cue from Dylan, began to expand their lyricalpalette and tackle
more serious subject matter.

“The difference is that Dylan was

always effortlessly serious, he wasn’t trying,”writes Dylan biographer

Sounes.”He was serious just because he had a great mind.”

“Regardless of whether it’s right tocall them poetry, his songs are
highly poetic and highly literary – intricateand subtle and clever and
funny and profound and sad: everything you can wantwriting to be.
There’s no one who deserves the Nobel Prize more.”

Dylan himself has rarely expressed anygreat literary pretensions,
despite taking his stage name from revered Welshpoet Dylan Thomas (he
was born Robert Zimmerman).

Although the 1965 Dylan quote that has

often been held up as an example of his brilliant insouciance, when he

described Smokey Robinson as “America’s greatest living poet”

have been invented by a Motownrecords press officer.

“Why bother even telling Bob?,”Al Abrams the press officer in question
recalls saying, in a 2011 book on theMotown publicity machine.

“That sounds just like somethinghe’d say anyway.”


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