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“I’ve never met someone like you, fearless as a bloke.

[This talk contains graphic language and descriptions of sexual
violence] [Viewer discretion is advised]

Your hobby

  • Playing video game

I love to play video game. I do not consider video game as electronic
drugs. Actually I believe it can improve my logical thinking and
interactive ability
because while playing, I have to thinking about
the optimum plan to win the game or reach the checkpoint
. What’s more,
I can also enjoy good music and fascinating story at the same time
because many games have amazing soundtrack as well as narrative plot
Therefore, I love to play video games and appreciate them as a kind of

  • Reading

I love reading. Because it enable me to explore a brand new world every
time I read a new book
. When I’m reading the book DISCWORLD written
by Terry Pratchett, I can’t stop imagining about the magic world the
characters live in. That’s the things that most enchant me– I can
experience life of others that are completely different from me
. What’s
more, reading can also broaden my horizon, I can learn basic
knowledge of many field through reading
. This offer great help while I
meet with new challenges in my own life. So…

Hi. I’m here to talk to you about the importance of praise(words that
you say or write in order to prise someone or something, opp:
, admiration and thank you, and having it be specific and

【新葡萄京娱乐场网址】There for you。”The sunset is beet-dyed pomegranate….with a hint of mandarin and flax
and the faintest hint of carnelian.

“Ashley Judd, stupid fucking slut.”

A skill you want to learn

  • Painting or drawing comic

If I ever have a chance to learn a new skill, I would like to learn how
to draw comic or cartoon characters
. I was obsessed with comic book and
cartoons since I was a child. I particularly love to watch Japanese
comic and cartoon and I have been learning how to draw the cartoon
characters since primary school. But I know if I want to draw a more
vivid character I would have to study the structure of human body and
the division of light and shadow in a more systematic way. After that
I wish I can draw my own comic story and share it with others.
Therefore, I would like to have the skill of drawing cartoon characters.

And the way I got interested in this was, I noticed in myself, when I
was growing up, and until about a few years ago, that I would want to
say thank you to someone, I would want to praise them, I would want to
take in their praise of me and I’d just stop it. And I asked myself,
why? I felt shy, I felt embarrassed. And then my question became, am I
the only one who does this? So, I decided to investigate.

“So it’s true what they say, innit? All men really do wanna marry their

“You can’t sue someone for calling them a cunt.”

The job or career of your future

  • filmmaker

I want to be a filmmaker in my future. Actually I’m now striving for
this goal. This thought came from a hard time of mine. I can still
remember my hardship during high school. At the time, it’s film that
save me from desperate and release my pressure
. The film of Stanley
Kubrick are so critical and philosophical that aroused my reflection,
while the films of Wes Anderson are so warm and delightful that heal me
from my anxiety. From then on, I want to become a film director or
screenplay writer who can always tells a story which can satisfy and
comfort people.

I’m fortunate enough to work in therehab(the process of curing someone
who has an alcohol or drugs problem.)
facility, so I get to see people
who are facing life and death with addiction. And sometimes it comes
down to something as simple as, their core wound is their father died
without ever saying he’s proud of them. But then, they hear from all the
family and friends that the father told everybody else that he was proud
of him, but he never told the son. It’s because he didn’t know that his
son needed to hear it.

“Oh fuck, did I just ask you to marry me in the voice of my my dead

“If you can’t handle the Internet, fuck off, whore.”

Favorite song/painting/poem/book

  • Song

My favorite song is a rock song of an Japanese rock bank call
, the name of the song is KAMISAMA which names the god in
English. The theme of the song is anti-war, hoping humans can be
sincere and honest to each other
. The song has a 新葡萄京娱乐场网址,special historic
background since the band come from OKINAWA of Japan, where one of the
worst battle of War World II happened
. So the song teach us don’t look
back in anger but reflect our mistake and cherish today’s peaceful
. And through this song I have learnt to stay calm and rational
when the Nationalism rise
. Therefore the song KAMISAMA is my favorite.

  • Poem

My favorite poem is the poem in Macbeth written by SP. Because when I
first heard this poem I was watching the film call Birdman. The script
of Macbeth was spoke out from a drunkard when the hero of the film are
falling in to desperate
. I was amazed by the sadness and desperation
conveyed by the script and the shots of the film
. After that, when I
direct my own short film with my friend, I also add that part of
Macbeth scripts in my video to stress the misery tone of the plot
That’s the first time I was enchanted by poem and it left great
impression on me so it became my favorite poem.

  • Book

My favorite book is The HitchHiker’s Guide To the Galaxy written by
Douglas Adams. The reason I love this book is the remarkable English
humor inside the book which saved me from the anxiety and pressure of
my high school study. I was always amused by those funny and
imaginative description in the book
. What’s more, the book also taught
me never to stop being curious and keeping on study
. I used to hate
physics and mathematic and considered them as useless knowledge but I
changed my mind after I read this book. It taught me to respect
knowledge and do not satisfy of being a fool
. It’s really an
interesting and instructive book.

So my question is, why don’t we ask for the things that we need? I know
a gentleman, married for 25 years, who’s longing to hear his wife
say, “Thank you for being thebreadwinner(the member of a family who
earns the money to support the others.)
, so I can stay home with the
kids,” but won’t ask. I know a woman who’s good at this. She, once a
week, meets with her husband and says, “I’d really like you to thank me
for all these things I did in the house and with the kids.” And he goes,
“Oh, this is great, this is great.” And praise really does have to
begenuine(genuine refers to things such as emothins that are real and
not pretended.)
, but she takes responsibility for that. And a friend
of mine, April, who I’ve had since kindergarten, she thanks her children
for doing theirchores(a  small job that you  have to do regularly,
especially work that you do to keep a house clean.)
. And she said,
“Why wouldn’t I thank it, even though they’re supposed to do it?”

To be honest, one has to be very knowledgeable and skillful enough to be
the sailor of his adventures.

“I wish Ashley Judd would die a horrible death. She is the absolute

The importance of aesthetic ability

  1. The society today are looking for people with holistic ability, so
    the aesthetic ability is also very important.
  2. Cultivating aesthetic ability enable student to have the basic
    understanding of beauty and art and help with the way their observe
    and understand the world.
  3. Cultivating Aesthetic ability can broaden their horizon and release
    their pressure from their daily work.

So, the question is, why was Iblocking(to stop something happening ,
developing, or succeeding.)
it? Why were other people blocking it? Why
can I say, “I’ll take mysteak(good quality beef, or a large thick
piece of any good quality red meat.)
medium rare, I need size six
shoes,” but I won’t say, “Would you praise me this way?” And it’s
because I’m giving you critical data about me. I’m telling you where
I’minsecure(not feeling at all confident about yourself, your
abilities, or your relationships with people.)
. I’m telling you where
I need your help. And I’m treating you, my inner circle, like you’re the
enemy. Because what can you do with that data? You could neglect me. You
could abuse it. Or you could actually meet my need.

There are abysses underneath that throw you right off balance, fallen
rocks that crush up your little head unmercifully. Let alone the
childishly unpredictable weather.

“Ashley Judd, you’re the reason women shouldn’t vote.”

Good qualities/characteristics

  • Honesty

I believe honesty is a crucial quality of people. We should always
attach great importance to honesty when we are making friends, looking
for partner or falling in love with others. Because I personally believe
that a healthy interrelationship between people must be based on
. A lack of trust will result in a lack of security and finally
lead to breaking up of a relationship
. Therefore, if one in the
relationship is dishonest, trust would be very hard to set up so the
relationship can be very unhealthy and fragile. The true companion
should always be frank and open to us
. Thus I believe honesty is a
crucial quality of people.

  • Kind hearted

I personally consider kind hearted as a significant quality of friends.
Because firstly, I don’t want my friend to be a reluctant people who I
can not tell whether he or she are really care about me
. But the most
important is the kind hearted of my friends may also inspire me to do
something good
. I remember when I was at junior high school. Me and my
friend saw a lame girl sitting on the bridge across the road, begging
for money. I felt sympathy for her but I was hesitating about giving
money since she maybe a liar. But my friend gave out her money without
hesitation since she believe it is the good will that really matter
Her belief deeply moved me and guided me through my life. Therefore…

  • inclusive

The most crucial quality of a friend, I concerned, is inclusive. Because
it’s easy to see that nobody want a friend who can not stand your
different opinion and always tell you what you should do
. The respect
and understand between friends make up the foundation of friendship
. In
order to achieve this you should first have a inclusive heart. I used
to be a person who like to impulse my ideas and values on others, which
made a friend of mine felt very uncomfortable and eventually decided to
keep distance from me
. Luckily he still told me the reason and gave me
some advice. I gradually understood his saying and determined to correct
myself. After I learnt this lesson I strongly believed that being
inclusive is the most crucial quality of a friend.

And I took my bike into the bike store— I love this — same bike, and
they’d do something called “truing” the wheels. The guy said, “You know,
when youtruethe wheels, it’s going to make the bike so much
better.” I get the same bike back, and they’ve taken all the
littlewarps(a part of something that has become bent or twisted from
its original shape.)
out of those same wheels I’ve had for two and a
half years, and my bike is like new. So, I’m going to challenge all of
you. I want you to true your wheels: be honest about the praise that you
need to hear. What do you need to hear? Go home to your wife — go ask
her, what does she need? Go home to your husband — what does he need? Go
home and ask those questions, and then help the people around you.

When facing with the upcoming death, things must all be the same, either
it’s on the sea, or up on the mountain ranges.

“‘Twisted’ is such a bad movie, I don’t even want to rape it.”

Memorable event/celebration

  • Something In Blue premiere

A memorable event that ever happened in my life must be the premiere of
the movie Something In Blue in Beijing, 2016. Because it’s the first
time I witness a premiere of a movie
and it’s also the first movie
about my beloved hometown–Canton
. It was set up, shoot and produced in
Canton. And all of the character speak Cantonese in the movie. On that
big screen I can see those place I familiar with since I was a little
kid. I almost burst into tears while watching because of homesick
while watching the movie. After screening the director shown up and
talked a lot about this movie. He is also a Cantonese. I could feel his
passion and love for filmmaking and Canton
during his introduction. I
love the movie so much and this is the most memorable event in my life.

  • Qingming Festival/the tomb-sweeping day

Qingming festival, which is also known as the tomb-sweeping day, is a
very important event in China. We Chinese people attach great
importance to our ancestor and our tradition ceremony of honoring them
On Qingming festival, we will go back to our hometown where our
ancestor was buried and sweep the tomb for them. We will burn the
in front of their gravestone and report our life to them. We
believe that this may comfort their soul in heaven and we then ask for
their bless
. The significance of Qingming are not just about
memorizing our ancestor but also reunite the family members and
strengthen the relationship between the big family
. We feel out heart
being intimately connected and this may help us to overcome
difficulties together during hardship
. So the Qingming festival is a
unique and important event for us.

  • The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Sports Game
  1. Saw the splendid firework during the opening ceremony from the roof
    top of my house.
  2. Witness the China women volleyball team won the gold medal in an
    exciting game against South Korea team.
  3. Be moved by the passion and joyful atmosphere in Guangzhou as the
    host of the Asian game.
  • Barbecue in childhood
  1. Go with my friend/classmate and math teacher
  2. ate many delicious food
  3. enjoy the sweet dessert made by teacher
  4. have a very happy night
  5. release our pressure after examx3

And it’s simple. And why should we care about this? We talk about world
peace. How can we have world peace with different cultures, different
languages? I think it starts household by household, under the same
roof. So, let’s make it right in our own backyard. And I want to thank
all of you in the audience for being great husbands, great
mothers, friends, daughters, sons. And maybe somebody’s never said that
to you, but you’ve done a really, really good job. And thank you for
being here, just showing up and changing the world with your ideas.

You know, when I was out there learning to surf, I really am fearless as
a bloke. Truth is, I’m doing way much better than a bloke. I’m a true,
fearless girl sticking to her own will, training as hard as she chooses

“Whatever you do, don’t tell Ashley Judd. She’ll die alone with a dried
out vagina.”


  • Prefer team work or work alone?

For me, I prefer to work alone. There are mainly 3 reasons for my
choice. The first is that when working alone, especially on a specific
project, I’ll be able to arrange my time freely since I don’t need to
fit with others’ schedule. The second reason is that I’m a person who
will stick to my own understand and conception towards the work or
project and is more likely to make decision by myself. Working alone
empower me more rights to make my own decision. Most importantly,
working alone means I have to finish every aspect of the work on my own
so through this process I may learn many new skills that I cannot learn
in teamwork
. Therefore I prefer to work alone than working in a team.

  • Want to be the leader or follower?

From my perspective, I want to be the follower of a team. Because
firstly, a leader of team should always consider opinions of all
members in the team and make a decision that can be accepted by all
But I’m the kind of person who deeply believe in my own judgement and
are relatively hard to changed by others, so the decision I make may
be not very acceptable to everyone in the team. What’s more, while
making decision, the leader make take a risk be mainly responsible for
the outcome
. I’m not dare to take risk and the responsibility may make
me feel stressful. In contrast, being a follower enable me to
concentrate on my specific work and do my best
. Therefore I want to be
the follower of the team.

Thank you. (Applause)

Weather was not in its best condition and waves were raging. I was swept
off boards three times. And I couldn’t reach deeper. I knew my limits.
So it was time to step back.

“If I had to fuck an older woman, oh my God, I would fuck the shit out
of Ashley Judd, that bitch is hot af. The unforgivable shit I would do
to her.”

Things you are afraid of/cannot overcome/regret

  • Afraid of uncertainty
  1. I have to arrange all my routes and journey before trip to ensure
    that I will not get lost and be exposed to danger in a unfamiliar
  2. I must write down my schedule on my diary book to avoid too much
    uncertainty since I’m afraid I will lose motivation and go on a
    wrong direction of my life.
  3. The uncertainty will make it hard for me to believe in other’s
    promises and break the relationship of us.

All I learned throughout these years is that nobody else could save your
arse but you.

Online misogyny is a global gender rights tragedy, and it is imperative
that it ends.

The feature of my hometown

  1. delicious food, dim sum, various kinds of dessert, eat fresh and eat
  2. humid weather, typhoon, rainy, warm, flower can be seen the whole
  3. Unique dialect–Cantonese, both modern and traditional, people are
    inclusive and open
  4. economy mainly depend on light industry, especially textile.
  5. Closed to HongKong and Macaw, have a river cross the city and neat
    to the estuary

Fear is natural and human, but panic is lethal.


Be prepared. Always learn something new and useful. Be a wise climber,
sailor, surfer, runner.

Girls’ and women’s voices, and our allies’ voices are constrained in
ways that are personally, economically, professionally and politically
damaging. And when we curb abuse, we will expand freedom.

Don’t say those fucking bullocks that one should be responsible for the
family, the loved ones or whatever. Just be responsible for yourself. Be
wise when out there.

I am a Kentucky basketball fan, so on a fine March day last year, I was
doing one of the things I do best: I was cheering for my Wildcats. The
daffodils were blooming, but the referees were not blowing the whistle
when I was telling them to.

It must be heavens when we the wild kids could find a true friend, a
trustworthy partner en route, a supportive lover, with whom we share
foods, landscapes, knowledge and scope.


It must be hell when the friend, the partner, the lover, whom we love so
deeply, to whom we finally entrust our life and body, perished so

Funny, they’re very friendly to me before the opening tip, but they
really ignore me during the game.

But I just can’t let you go there alone.


We shall train together.

Three of my players were bleeding, so I did the next best thing … I

新葡萄京娱乐场网址 1

[@ArkRazorback dirty play can kiss my team’s free throw making a —
@KySportsRadio @marchmadness @espn Bloodied 3 players so far.]

Underwater training session for couple is so damn romantic ahhhhhhhh

It is routine for me to be treated in the ways I’ve already described to
you. It happens to me every single day on social media platforms such as
Twitter and Facebook. Since I joined Twitter in 2011, misogyny and
misogynists have amply demonstrated they will dog my every step. My
spirituality, my faith, being a hillbilly — I can say that, you can’t
— all of it is fair game.

© 本文版权归我  sjjuhuuu

And I have responded to this with various strategies. I’ve tried
engaging people. This one guy was sending me hypersexual, nasty stuff,
and there was a girl in his avatar. I wrote him back and said … “Is
that your daughter? I feel a lot of fear that you may think about and
talk to women this way.” And he surprised me by saying, “You know what?
You’re right. I apologize.” Sometimes people want to be held
accountable. This one guy was musing to I don’t know who that maybe I
was the definition of a cunt. I was married to a Scot for 14 years, so I
said, “Cunt means many different things in different countries —


but I’m pretty sure you epitomize the global standard of a dick.”



I’ve tried to rise above it, I’ve tried to get in the trenches, but
mostly I would scroll through these social media platforms with one eye
partially closed, trying not to see it, but you can’t make a cucumber
out of a pickle. What is seen goes in. It’s traumatic. And I was always
secretly hoping in some part of me that what was being said to me and
about me wasn’t … true. Because even I, an avowed, self-declared
feminist, who worships at the altar of Gloria —


internalize the patriarchy. This is really critical. Patriarchy is not
boys and men. It is a system in which we all participate, including me.

On that particular day, for some reason, that particular tweet after the
basketball game triggered something called a “cyber mob.” This
vitriolic, global outpouring of the most heinous hate speech: death
threats, rape threats. And don’t you know, when I was sitting at home
alone in my nightgown, I got a phone call, and it was my beloved former
husband, and he said on a voice mail, “Loved one … what is happening
to you is not OK.”

And there was something about him taking a stand for me that night …
that allowed me to take a stand for myself. And I started to write. I
started to write about sharing the fact that I’m a survivor of all forms
of sexual abuse, including three rapes. And the hate speech I get in
response to that — these are just some of the comments posted to news
outlets. Being told I’m a “snitch” is really fun.

[Jay: She enjoyed every second of it!!!!!]

Audience: Oh, Lord Jesus.

Ashley Judd: Thank you, Jesus. May your grace and mercy shine.

So, I wrote this feminist op-ed, it is entitled, “Forget Your Team: It
Is Your Online Gender Violence Toward Girls And Women That Can Kiss My
Righteous Ass.”



And I did that alone, and I published it alone, because my chief advisor
said, “Please don’t, the rain of retaliatory garbage that is inevitable
— I fear for you.” But I trust girls and I trust women, and I trust our
allies. It was published, it went viral, it proves that every single day
online misogyny is a phenomenon endured by us all, all over the world,
and when it is intersectional, it is worse. Sexual orientation, gender
identity, race, ethnicity, religion — you name it, it amplifies the
violence endured by girls and women, and for our younger girls, it is

It’s clearly traumatizing. Our mental health, our emotional well-being
are so gravely affected because the threat of violence is experienced
neurobiologically as violence. The cortisol shoots up, the limbic system
gets fired, we lose productivity at work.

And let’s talk about work. Our ability to work is constrained. Online
searches of women applying for jobs reveal nude pictures of them, false
allegations they have STDs, their addresses indicating that they are
available for sex with real examples of people showing up at this house
for said sex.

Our ability to go to school is impaired. 96 percent of all postings of
sexual images of our young people … girls. Our girls. Our boys are two
to three times more likely — nonconsensually — to share images.

And I want to say a word about revenge porn. Part of what came out of
this tweet was my getting connected with allies and other activists who
are fighting for a safe and free internet. We started something called
the Speech Project; curbing abuse, expanding freedom. And that website
provides a critical forum, because there is no global, legal thing to
help us figure this out. But we do provide on that website a
standardized list of definitions, because it’s hard to attack a behavior
in the right way if we’re not all sharing a definition of what that
behavior is. And I learned that revenge porn is often dangerously
misapplied. It is the nonconsensual sharing of an image used tactically
to shame and humiliate a girl or woman that attempts to pornography us.
Our natural sexuality is — I don’t know about yours — pretty gorgeous
and wonderful. And my expressing it does not pornography make.


So, I have all these resources that I’m keenly aware so many people in
the world do not. I was able to start the Speech Project with
colleagues. I can often get a social media company’s attention. I have a
wonderful visit to Facebook HQ coming up. Hasn’t helped the idiotic
reporting standards yet … I actually pay someone to scrub my social
media feeds, attempting to spare my brain the daily iterations of the
trauma of hate speech. And guess what? I get hate speech for that. “Oh,
you live in an echo chamber.” Well, guess what? Having someone post a
photograph of me with my mouth open saying they “can’t wait to cum on my
face,” I have a right to set that boundary.


And this distinction between virtual and real is specious because guess
what — that actually happened to me once when I was a child, and so
that tweet brought up that trauma, and I had to do work on that.

But you know what we do? We take all of this hate speech, and we
disaggregate it, and we code it, and we give that data so that we
understand the intersectionality of it: when I get porn, when it’s about
political affiliation, when it’s about age, when it’s about all of it.
We’re going to win this fight.

There are a lot of solutions — thank goodness. I’m going to offer just
a few, and of course I challenge you to create and contribute your own.
Number one: we have to start with digital media literacy, and clearly it
must have a gendered lens. Kids, schools, caregivers, parents: it’s
essential. Two … shall we talk about our friends in tech? Said with
dignity and respect, the sexism in your workplaces must end.



EDGE, the global standard for gender equality, is the minimum standard.
And guess what, Silicon Valley? If L’Oréal in India, in the Philippines,
in Brazil and in Russia can do it, you can, too. Enough excuses. Only
when women have critical mass in every department at your companies,
including building platforms from the ground up, will the conversations
about priorities and solutions change.

And more love for my friends in tech: profiteering off misogyny in video
games must end. I’m so tired of hearing you talk to me at cocktail
parties — like you did a couple weeks ago in Aspen — about how
deplorable #Gamergate was, when you’re still making billions of dollars
off games that maim and dump women for sport. Basta! — as the Italians
would say. Enough.


Our friends in law enforcement have much to do, because we’ve seen that
online violence is an extension of in-person violence. In our country,
more girls and women have been murdered by their intimate partners than
died on 9/11 and have died since in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. And
it’s not cool to say that, but it is true. We care so much
geopolitically about what men are doing over there to women over there
… In 2015, 72,828 women used intimate partner violence services in
this country. That is not counting the girls and women and boys who
needed them. Law enforcement must be empowered with up-to-date internet
technology, the devices and an understanding of these platforms — how
they work. The police wanted to be helpful when Amanda Hess called about
the death threat she was getting on Twitter, but they couldn’t really
when they said, “What’s Twitter?”

Our legislators must write and pass astute legislation that reflects
today’s technology and our notions of free and hate speech. In New York
recently, the law could not be applied to a perpetrator because the
crimes must have been committed — even if it was anonymous — they must
have been committed by telephone, in mail, by telegraph —


The language must be technologically neutral.

So apparently, I’ve got a pretty bold voice. So, let’s talk about our
friends … white men. You have a role to play and a choice to make. You
can do something, or you can do nothing. We’re cool in this room, but
when this goes out, everyone will say, “Oh my God, she’s a reverse
racist.” That quote was said by a white man, Robert Moritz, chairperson,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, he asked me to include it in my talk.

We need to grow support lines and help groups, so victims can help each
other when their lives and finances have been derailed. We must as
individuals disrupt gender violence as it is happening. 92 percent of
young people 29 and under witness it. 72 percent of us have witnessed
it. We must have the courage and urgency to practice stopping it as it
is unfolding.

And lastly, believe her. Believe her.


This is fundamentally a problem of human interaction. And as I believe
that human interaction is at the core of our healing, trauma not
transformed will be trauma transferred.

Edith Wharton said, “The end is latent in the beginning,” so we are
going to end this talk replacing hate speech with love speech. Because I
get lonely in this, but I know that we are allies. I recently learned
about how gratitude and affirmations offset negative interactions. It
takes five of those to offset one negative interaction, and gratitude in
particular — free, available globally any time, anywhere, to anyone in
any dialect — it fires the pregenual anterior cingulate, a watershed
part of the brain that floods it with great, good stuff. So I’m going to
say awesome stuff about myself. I would like for you to reflect it back
to me. It might sound something like this —


I am a powerful and strong woman, and you would say, “Yes, you are.”

Audience: Yes, you are.

Ashley Judd: My mama loves me.

A: Yes, she does.

AJ: I did a great job with my talk.

A: Yes, you did.

AJ: I have a right to be here.

A: Yes, you do.

AJ: I’m really cute.


A: Yes, you are.

AJ: God does good work.

A: Yes, He does.

AJ: And I love you. Thank you so much for letting me be of service.

Bless you.


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