本身不怕你。  I am not afraid of you.     
别想骗作者,我不会那么轻易上钩的。   Don’t try to pull it over me, I can’t
be fooled easily.

Springfield! Springfield!
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  1. venture /ˈventʃər/ (v.) 冒险去(或做)

  2. shrink /ʃrɪŋk/ (v.) 缩小

  3. slippery /ˈslɪpəri/ (adj.) (不难打滑的)

  4. shed /ʃed/ (v.) 掉落

  5. strike /straɪk/ (v.) 碰撞;击,打;撞击;

  6. savage /ˈsævɪdʒ/ (adj.) 凶残的;凶猛的;野性的

  7. timid /ˈtɪmɪd/ (adj.) 羞怯的;胆小的,胆怯的

  8. queer /kwɪr/ (adj.) 怪异的,古怪的,异常的


N/A – Chapter 5



Hello / Hi !                   你好!         Bye
bye                      再见,拜拜        Welcome !                  
欢迎!       Ok                               好,可以

What do you think of Darren Jarvis? – At CBS? – He wants me to be a
Not worth your time.
What about Greer Fisher at MSNBC? Stick to writing.
Do TV on the side.
You’re more than a talking head.

·Maui自吹自擂的“Unstoppable”(应该是换来了当前的“You’re welcome”)
·Moana的“More”(正式版换到了“How far I’ll go”)

  1. in a hurry 匆忙

  2. eat (sth.) up 吃光;吃完

  3. decide on 决定

  4. leave off 停下,停止

  5. box sb.’s ears 打(某人)的耳光

  6. ought to 应该

  7. shed gallons of tears 流下了汪洋眼泪

  8. Multiplication Table 乘法表

Speak Chinese ?        会说汉语吗?   No.                     
不,不会                Please speak slowly.         请说慢点。I can’t
understand.  。                      小编不懂。

  • How about Slugline? – What’s Slugline? If I said Politico wanted to
    hire me, what would you say? I would say that that peaks my
    Six months from now, Slugline will be what Politico was a year and a
    half ago.
    Everyone at Politico reads it, because Slugline’s breaking stories
    before they are.
    I wonder why I’ve never heard of it.
    Everyone’s a free agent.
    They write whatever they want, wherever they are.
    Most people write from their phones.
    Well, if freedom and exposure are what they’re offering, I would say
    that is a meeting worth taking.
    This Hammerschmidt thing is blowing up.
    I think he might get fired.
    There’s gotta be 1,000 tweets here.
    People defending me, people trashing me.
    There’s even a hashtag– “gozoe.
    ” Mmm.
    Hey! We mustn’t leave any trails.
    All of my contacts are in there.
    Then it’s time for you to get some new contacts.
    Don’t worry.
    I’ll get you a phone.
    I’ll get you two, in fact.
    One for work and a burner for play.
    Expect them this afternoon.
    Oh, and go, Zoe.
    The reporter? Yes.
    Just this once? I’m not sure.
    What does she offer us? A mouthpiece when we need one.
    She’s been very useful so far.
  • What does she want? – Access.
    A seat at the table.
    Sounds like she’s getting the better side of the bargain.
    She can be controlled.
    Are you sure? She can.
    I promise you.
    If you say so.
  • The moment you want me to end it– – I know, Francis.
    I should get ready for work.
    Didn’t think you’d be in till later.
    This is your agenda for the day.
    Here’s your schedule for the rest of the week.
    These are papers that need to be approved or signed.
    Over here are your one-sheets for committee meetings and briefs on
    upcoming legislative action.
    I filled Ashley in.
    She can cover until you find a replacement.
    Christina What? Thank you for getting all this in order.
    Ashley can call me if you have any questions about what’s on your
    Is he here yet? I put him in your office.
    Marty Spinella, head lobbyist for the teachers’ union.
    He wants to rip my head off and peel it like an orange.
    Why? Because I lied to him.
    But what choice did I have when the truth would’ve ended the
    conversation before it began? – I’ll call you back.
  • Marty.
    You fucking lied, Frank? No, no.
    You lied to my fucking face? – Marty, I did not lie.
  • Did not– We spent the whole weekend in that room pouring over this
    bill line by line, and nowhere did it say anything about collective
    Let’s calm down and sit down, and we will discuss this.
    I will explain everything that’s going on, and we will talk it out
    no matter how long it takes.
    No, no more.
    This is gonna be a very short meeting, ’cause only one of two things
    are gonna happen: Either you assure me right now that amendment is
    out, or I’m walking out that door and I’m gonna start launching
    The amendment was never intended to stay in the bill.
    It was just there for leverage, that’s all.
    You threatened to cut federal funding from union school districts?
    That’s not a poker chip, Frank.
    That’s a goddamn dirty bomb.
    Look, the amendment is not staying in the bill.
    I just need you to work with me on performance standards.
    Performance standards? Are you fucking kidding me? You agreed that
    they were already out! You can’t just put them back in! – Marty,
    look– – I have a reputation to uphold! I am the one that made the
    union reps stay here for you while you were in Gaffney playing with
    your fucking Peachoid! – Marty– – You tell me right now! Is that
    amendment in or out? There is a middle ground here, Marty.
    We just have to find it.
    I take that as a no.
    Marty, do not start a war you know you’re gonna lose.
    You fuck me, I fuck back.
    Stamper! Marty and I have a good working relationship.
    Or used to.
    You can see he has a temper, but I can usually cut through that and
    reason with him.
    But I may have pushed him too far, which is worrisome.
    Friends make the worst enemies.
  • How’d it go? – What did you hear? – A lot of “fucks.
    ” – Well, that pretty much says it.
    Let’s think this through.
    We’ve got the D.
    leadership meeting.
  • What? – I’d say you could skip it, but Birch just dumped it on us.
  • When? – It’s here in 12 minutes.
    Why here and not the D.
    headquarters? The D.
    is doing renovations.
    They’re gonna be green energy efficient.
    Oh, that’s a charming use of party funds.
    We’ve only been in this space about three months.
    It’s cool.
    Not exactly the Herald, is it? Have you been to those offices?
    Wrist-slitting was in order.
    So, who else is courting you? – A few people.
  • You mean everyone.
    There were a lot of e-mails this morning.
    That’s not surprising.
    You’re having a moment.
    People are interested.
    I’m one of them.
    But if eight minutes passes on anything, I get bored.
    In eight minutes, I can be bored with you, unless you keep me
    I think you can.
    And I think this is the place for you to keep the rest of the world
    interested too.
    It’s your call.
    I won’t chase you.
    I’m definitely tempted.
    Take as long as you want to look around.
    E- mail me your figure.
    I’ll call you back with a counter.
    This is our top priority– Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
    We need all of them, or Walker’s a one-term president.
    Pennsylvania is why he picked Matthews as a running mate.
    But now we have to find a replacement.
    The special election is this November.
    Patricia Whittaker, D.
    A rare example of someone whose head is in the game instead of up
    their backside.
    Competence is such an exotic bird in these woods that I appreciate
    it whenever I see it.
    This also affects the house.
    The new governor will oversee redistricting.
    We lose seats here, that means we could lose our majority in
    Well, the R.
    is backing Jack Swofford, ex-Mayor of Pittsburgh.
    He’s got statewide name recognition and campaign machinery in
    It’s been three months, and we don’t have dick.
    What about the A.
    ? Ben Pluckett? No.
    Ben’s got his eyes set on the senate in ’14.
    Which he’ll lose because he botched a sex offender sting last year.
  • There’s always McHolland.
  • He’s 78.
    When’s the last time he held office, when Carter was president?
    Reagan, but same difference.
    He has dignity, he has gravitas.
    If you need someone to fill Matthews’ shoes– You can’t fill Jim
    Matthews’ shoes, so we shouldn’t even try.
  • We need a fresh face.
  • The state has a weak bench.
    Let’s go through all the sitting Congressmen one by one and see if
    anybody sticks out from the crowd.
    All right.
    I got the list right here.
    Go ahead.
    Pennsylvania’s first district, Peter Russo.
    Cross him off.
    He’s no good.
    No experience, no chops.
    Okay, moving on.
    Second district, Gwendolyn Pierce.
    Nah, Gwen’s too controversial.
    Very vocal on abortion.
  • And Caroline? – She’s good.
  • And the boys? – All fucking four of ’em? You feed ’em.
    You got any pictures on your phone? Come on.
    Let’s cut the shit, Pete, will ya? What are we gonna do about the
    shipyard? BRAC had their hearing.
    They slated it for closing.
    Yeah, and why didn’t you testify? We’re talking 12,000 jobs here.
    My hands were tied, Paul.
    People wanted it closed.
  • I was under a lot of pressure.
  • From who? People high up the food chain.
  • There was nothing I could do.
  • That’s bullshit! You go back to BRAC.
    You talk to the D.
    You talk to the Secretary of the Navy.
    You do something.
    It’s not gonna happen.
  • Okay.
    Why not? – I told you.
    It’s political.
    So I’m supposed to go back to the shipbuilders’ association and say
    what now exactly? That they’re out of work because Pete Russo’s
    playing politics? I mean, Jesus, Pete.
    We’re the ones who got you fucking elected in the first place.
    Now you’re gonna turn your back on us? You should go.
    Seriously? I just got here.
    You’re kicking me out now? Hey, I’m fucking talking to you! I
    thought we grew up together.
    But this guy sitting behind his big desk I don’t even know who the
    fuck he is.
    Where’s the Pete Russo who knew how to throw a punch when his back
    was against the wall? That guy was my friend.
    Every teacher in the country a month before school ends? Doesn’t
    need all of them.
    The A.
    and the N.
    can’t agree on anything.
    You underestimate Marty Spinella.
    So which one do we target? We have a better chance with the N.
    You think Chuck Sloan will bite? Cooperate– we’ll give your people
    protection and a place at the banquet.
    Fight us, we break you.
    He’ll bite.
    Get him on the phone.
    It’s after 2:00.
    Spinella is potentially mobilizing the largest teachers’ strike in
    United States history.
  • Nobody’s sleeping.
  • I’ll call him right now.
    I’m sorry.
    Are we being too loud? A little.
  • What are you working on? – The gala.
    There’s so much to do.
  • Did Nancy send you my list? – She did.
  • What’d you think? – It’s a good list.
    Thanks for inviting them.
    Is something wrong? It’s still not anywhere near what Remy brought
    to the table.
    Sancorp offered 1.
    5 million, Francis.
    I’m adding up the numbers, and we’re only at half a million.
  • I got Chuck on the phone.
  • In a minute.
  • I can make more calls.
  • Enough to raise a million-five? I can at least get us closer.
    I’m going to bed.
    Don’t move any of this around.
    Claire, we made the decision to turn Remy down.
    No one forced you.
    I thought we were okay on this.
    You’re right.
    Good night, Francis.
    This is Adam.
    Leave a message.
    Hi, Adam.
    It’s me.
    I know it’s late, but, well, I was really just calling to thank you
    again for the photographs.
    I’m sure they’re gonna be a big hit at the auction.
    I hope you’re well.
    I’m sure they’re gonna be a big hit at the auction.
    I hope you’re well.
    Right this way, Mr.
    He’s here.
    Good afternoon, Tom.
    Legal? Did you say it, or didn’t you? To you and to anyone who asks,
    yes, I did.
    Do we really need them? Not unless I should expect a fight.
    You shouldn’t.
    Give us a few moments.
    It’s not what you called her, it’s that you let her leave the
    I know how to run a paper, Margaret.
    What I don’t know how to do is run a paper staffed with people I
    can’t control.
    Was she really out of control? To my understanding, she simply
    turned down a new position.
    It’s her attitude.
    It’s the way she turned it down.
    Did you think to ask her what she’d rather do instead? – Is it my
    job to pander to all my employees– – My employees.
    And if they have something to offer that you don’t, yes, it is your
    We’ve been through this, Tom.
    The paper’s operating at a loss.
    We need people like Zoe.
    I’m very aware of how much we’re hurting, Margaret.
    【新葡萄京娱乐场网址】高低阿丽丝,常用口语。Staff reductions, dip in circulation.
    Each one of those faces and every subscriber we lose, they keep me
    awake at night.
    Now, I won’t argue the business side of things.
    It’s neither my place nor my area of expertise, but know this– Zoe
    Barnes, Twitter, blogs, enriched media, they’re all surface.
    They’re fads.
    They aren’t the foundation this paper was built on, and they aren’t
    what will keep it alive.
    We have a core readership that thirsts for hard news.
    Those are the people I work And I won’t be distracted by what’s
    That’s your resignation letter.
    Hand it to the lawyers on the way out.
    I’ll give you some privacy.
    No, no, stay.
    It’ll be quick.
    We’ll get a drink.
    We’re going to launch right here in Washington.
    We’ll see how Congress likes it when the streets are teaming with
    unsupervised school kids.
    Then we’ll phase out the rest of the country.
    Everybody hold on for one minute.
    What’s up? The N.
    is out.
  • Hang on.
  • What? They pulled out.
    Why? He wouldn’t say.
    Hold on for one more minute.
    Chuck Sloan– get him on the phone right now.
    I’ve got him right here.
  • Is he muted? – Yes.
    Hey, Chuck.
    It’s Marty.
    Listen, you can’t do this.
    If we don’t stay united now, we don’t have a– You hired me to
    represent your interests, right? How can I possibly lobby for the
    teachers when Congress sees us splintering before we even put up a
    unite– All right.
    Did Underwood get to you? Whoa, Frank is dishonest and
    You’ve seen that he’s lied to us already.
    Wait-whoa-whoa-whoa, Chuck, Ch-Ch-Chuck? Chuck! Son of a bitch! –
    Where are you? – I’m at the office.
  • False.
  • You don’t believe me? – Not for a second.
  • Where are you? – About to walk into a meeting.
  • With who? Someone I have to punish.
  • Give me a name.
  • No name.
    What did this person do wrong? Lie to me.
    How will you punish him? What makes you think it’s a him? Hold on.
    I have to take this.
    Where are you? Me? I am not at the office.
    You’re going to give me a new one of these every week? Well, I– I
    can’t continue to– Not without protection.
    Nobody tells me when to work and when to play.
    I’m not being unreasonable, Zoe.
    If you can’t trust me, we should be doing this at all.
    Well, then, how do we establish our trust? I have been very
    Oh, professional discretion, yes, but this is new territory.
    You have a camera on your phone.
    Pictures The kind I wouldn’t want my father to see.
    Well, I’m going to need more than that.
    Lie back.
    Use your imagination.
    I want everything packed for tomorrow.
  • We checked already, dad.
  • Oh, did you? Those are my pink Nikes on the kitchen counter? And
    you, Autobot, what is Optimus Prime doing under my bed? He better
    transform himself into your backpack before you have to leave
    Hey, dad? Is Christina coming back? Um, I don’t think so, buddy.
    Oh, I liked her.
    Me, too.
    She’s cool.
    Yeah, she is cool.
    And you guys gotta brush your teeth and then check the rooms again,
    and then it’s time for bed.
    Got it, pumpkins? Dad, you know I hate it when you call us
    Go before I turn you into a pie.
    Peter Russo.
    He’s a drunk.
    He is at the moment, a very functional one.
    Imagine if he was sober.
    Even so, you run him for governor, people are going to dig into his
    Well, we turn that into an asset, not a liability.
    Here’s who I was.
    Here’s who I am now.
    You saw how they dismissed him in three seconds at the leadership
    Patty Whittaker is very open-minded, and I am very persuasive.
    You think Russo even wants it? Any kid who’s made it from the
    streets of South Philly to the Capitol Rotunda is ambitious.
    We just need to tap into that, surround him with the best people and
    then build the machine and push the go button.
    新葡萄京娱乐场网址 ,So you think he could win.
    I think he can be a contender.
    Okay, let’s say we pull off a miracle and he wins.
    What do we gain by it? Isn’t it better to be holding the reins in
    this race than watching from the stands? You wife is on the phone.
    Put her through in here.
    I understand that Pennsylvania’s important for redistricting– No,
    no, no, this isn’t just about this race, Doug.
    Expand your thinking.
    Who else is from Pennsylvania? No, no, no, not in Congress.
    The executive branch.
    The vice president.
    Hello, my dear.
    Nancy had my tux dry-cleaned so I won’t embarrass– The Cotesworth
    cancelled on us.
    I’m leaving right now.
    I’ll come get you.
    I’ve got to go.
    What’s going on? The hotel, for tonight’s gala.
    They refused to let Claire into the ballroom because their employees
    are union.
    Yeah, he can go after me all he wants, but to go after my wife? No
    Meet me at the Cotesworth.
    You got it.
    Why can’t we just move it to another place? I looked into that.
    Everything’s booked.
    You have to reserve these things weeks in advance.
    I’ve got Stamper online looking for another venue somewhere.
    Francis, the delivery trucks are already at the Cotesworth.
    I can’t have people showing up at a different place in case they
    don’t get the email.
    This is my fault.
    I feel awful.
    There’s a half a million on the line here.
    I realize that.
    And I can’t keep having my work take these hits on behalf of
    It’s more than just an inconvenience.
    I know.
    We’ll solve it.
  • Hey, I just got your email.
  • What did you think? You don’t have to send me things before you
    Oh, I thought you might want to take a look.
    The goal here is for everyone to post things faster than I have a
    chance to read them.
    If you’re satisfied with the article, just put it up.
  • Okay.
  • Are you satisfied? I think so.
    Okay, you are or you aren’t.
    Whatever hoops the Herald made you jump through– – I know.
  • Let them go.
    It’s okay to be opinionated, Zoe, and it’s okay to go outside to get
    your hands dirty.
    You’re no longer tied to a desk.
    Or that pillow, for that matter.
    I’m not going to post it.
    Midterm predictions– they’re not news.
    They’re bullshit.
    Well, I agree.
    I can do better.
    I think you can.
    Feel free to blow my mind.
    If we do this event, the whole staff walks out.
    I’ve got 300 guests– You signed a contract with my wife.
    We’ll refund your wife’s organization and pay for whatever the costs
    of moving the event to a more appropriate venue.
    And we would have to refund a half a million dollars in donations.
    Can you pay for that, too? Because I’m pretty sure there’s cause for
    damages here.
    I truly apologize, sir.
    Who’s your boss? I spoke with the owners, and they authorized me to
    do what I think is best.
    And do they realize that they are shutting the door on 41 members of
    the United States Congress? Yes, sir, they do.
    I had to make a very hard judgment call.
    Well, I seriously question your judgment.
    You know, word travels fast in this town.
    All those luncheons and conventions and dinners.
    It’s going to be a shame to lose all that work.
    Isn’t it? Congressman, you are absolutely right, but if my staff
    walks out, I– Please understand the predicament I’m in.
    I got an idea.
    I know what we’re going to do.
    Honey, they’re not going to let us have it inside.
    We’re going to have it right here on their front steps, picnic
    What do you need from me? I need your manpower.
    Yes, sir, I’m on it.
    Okay, everybody, stop what you’re doing, and listen up.
    Oh, hey, Frank.
  • How soon? – About three hours.
  • How many people we talking? – Just 300.
    The florist is going to send over whatever he has.
    Francis, where are we with food? I’ve got hotdogs, pizzas, and soul
    food coming, maybe something else.
    Girls, here’s what I want.
    I want four bars, two on each level.
    The food can go there.
    The silent auction goes here.
    Oh, and cancel the string quartet.
    Let’s get a DJ.
    Doug, how are we on booze? – Kegs are on the way now.
  • Great.
    Oh, and call Denise at the office and have her bring every donation
    envelope she can find.
    Okay, messages, people.
    Congressman Russo’s office.
    Yes, can you hold one minute? Thank you.
    Congressman, people keep calling about the shipyards.
    We don’t know what to tell them.
    We just say we’ll give you the message.
  • Keep saying that.
  • Here they are, the messages and all the emails we’ve gotten, too.
    You want me to– Have a good night.
    Who did we reach? Herald, The Times, USA Today.
    All right, I want affiliate stations and cable news.
    I want satellite trucks out there.
    I want this on live TV.
    Okay, I’m on it.
    You can’t do this here.
    Zoe, 8:00 P.
    tonight, Hotel Cotesworth.
    Benefit for my wife’s charity.
    No, wash your face and let your hair down.
    This is work and play.
    See you.
    I can tell you right now I’m going to need two dozen.
    Paul, I’m going to need those by tomorrow, okay? Your guests are
    your problem, not mine, Julian.
    I’ll close the gate.
    You know, I’m no expert in fire code, but I would imagine that
    locking your guests in is a bigger violation than having them walk
    around us.
    This is trespassing on private property.
    You’re breaking the law.
    Right, okay.
    Let me get Barney Hull on the phone here for you.
    Here you go.
    It’s ringing.
    Who’s Barney Hull? The police commissioner.
    No? Okay.
    You’d rather talk to him in person, that’s great.
    He’s coming to the party.
    I’ll be sure to introduce him to you.
    Thanks for your hospitality.
    Bar comes over here.
    Put all that booze that way.
    What do you want me to do? I can’t lock the gates, and they’ve got
    the police on their side.
    Hold on.
    Cassandra, I need 200 teachers at the Cotesworth Hotel right now.
    I need a full picket.
    if we can get that– I don’t want to hear it.
    Just get it done.
    I don’t give a fuck if they’re teachers or not, frankly.
    Just get me 200 bodies.
    You know, call the teamsters.
    Maybe they’ll help us.
    We’ll give them glasses if we have to.
    Tell the guys to look smart.
    Charlie, get off the phone.
    I need signs right now, at least a hundred.
    You know what? Let them set it up.
    It’s actually better for us that way.
    This way they can’t hide from us.
    You’ve put me in a terrible situation.
    Oh, you did? British accent.
    Thank you very much for all your help.
    Much appreciated.
    Here, we got the signs right here.
    Let’s hand them out fast.
    Everybody single file right down the street.
    This way, that way.
    Okay? Well, at least he spelled it right.
    Teachers protesting the education reform and achievement act have
    descended upon the Hotel Cotesworth in Washington, D.
    Union lobbyist Martin Spinella organized the demonstration.
    Teachers deserve respect! Teachers deserve respect! Now, I knew
    you’d show up.
    You bring that beautiful wife of yours? Hello Pleasure.
    Thank you for coming.
    Come on in.
    The drinks are on the house.
    Spinella got us shut out by the union, so we had to have the party
    out here on the steps.
    I’ll take you up to a bar right now.
    Thank you for coming.
    Thank you.
    Teachers, yes! Unions, yes! Hi.
    Thanks again so much for coming.
    Adam’s here.
    You came.
    Looks wonderful.
    You’re going to have to move over, because I have to serve this
    wonderful couple myself.
    This is fabulous.
    Only Claire could’ve thought of this.
    I don’t suppose you have anything single-malt back there.
    Frank, it’s worth every penny to see you on keg duty.
    Well, then don’t you think this is worth just a few extra pennies?
    Oh, let’s break out the checkbook, Charles.
    Did you RSVP? I assumed it didn’t matter.
    It doesn’t.
    I’m glad you’re here.
    When I heard your message.
    You know, I shouldn’t have left that, Adam.
    Why not? Maybe we should talk at some point.
    Make that check with a lot of zeroes, won’t you? There we are.
  • Cheers.
  • Cheers.
    I’m going to ask a huge favor of you since you’re here.
    You want to put me to work.
    Yes, please.
  • My pleasure.
  • Come.
    So these are some wonderful photographs – by an amazing
    photographer– – Gillian.
    Adam Galloway, nice to meet you.
    And this is the photographer himself.
    I just wanted to thank you so much.
    Such a success.
    My pleasure.
    My pleasure.
    He’s the best.
    I see Adam’s here.
    I didn’t know he was coming.
  • Well, guess what I got.
  • What? Another check from the Holburns for $60,000.
    Come on, praise me like you should.
    If Frank Underwood and the United States Congress– Hi, my name is
    Zoe Barnes.
    I’m with Slugline.
    Dismantle the rights of the American teacher? Unions, yes! Teachers,
    yes! Hi.
    Why do you protest here? And Congress has to take this seriously.
    We’re here for the teachers.
    We’re here.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    We’re not asking for the world, and Congress needs to step up and
    get this done.
    Excuse me.
    That dress looks familiar.
    It’s the one I wore to the symphony.
    Oh, yes, mutual admiration society.
    That’s right.
    So what do you have for me? What do you mean? Well, you’re
    surrounded by Washington’s elite.
    Are you saying you’ve overheard nothing that could be useful to
    either of us? I’m covering the protest.
    The rest of the world is covering the protest.
    You may not have noticed, but you’re the only journalist inside the
    I’ve been feeding you plenty.
    Information is a two-way street, Miss Barnes.
  • Hello.
  • Claire, this is Zoe Barnes.
    You met her one night at the house.
    Yes, I remember.
    You work for the Herald, right? Not anymore.
    I actually work at Slugline now.
    I’ve heard of it.
    You read it, don’t you, Francis? Religiously.
    Well, you seem like a very ambitious young woman.
    I like that.
    Doing my best.
    It’s good to see you again.
    Please enjoy yourself.
    I will.
    Thank you.
    Take care, Miss Barnes.
    On the steps, and she looks gorgeous, but really she’s thinking,
    when can I go the fuck home? – I’m off.
  • Already? I’ve done my duty, I believe.
    Oh, you know me.
    Always have to be the first to leave a party.
    How much did you raise? $750,000.
    Write a check for 250, we’ll break a million.
    Nice try.
    Thank you for coming.
    And everything that you did.
    Call me sometime.
    I will.
    So what does a clean water gala have to do with teachers’ unions?
    Well, we have over 50 members of Congress gathered in one place.
    But the fact that these members of Congress are promoting pouring
    money out of the country while neglecting their teachers at home is
    precisely the problem.
    But this is private money, not public tax dollars, so But we’re not
    protesting the cause.
    We’re protesting the Congressmen and women themselves.
    Are these even teachers picketing? Well, sure, some of them.
    And some of them are people in– Excuse me.
    What are you– ? Don’t take the food.
    We’ll feed you later.
    Marty, you know that old saying.
    The most dangerous spot in the world is to come between a teamster
    and free food.
    Don’t take the food.
    We’re feeding you later.
  • I’ll take it.
  • She’ll take it.
    Who else is hungry? – There you go.
  • Pass it back.
    Plenty more coming, guys.
    I know you’ve all been out here for hours.
    Thank you, Freddy.
    The best ribs in D.
    Marty, come on.
    You said your piece.
    You got on the news.
    Come and enjoy yourself.
    I respect you, Claire.
    You know I can’t do that.
    Doesn’t matter what side you’re on.
    Everybody’s got to eat.
    You can have a plate of ribs.
    Yes, you can.
    Come on.
  • I can’t.
  • Yes, you can.
    Thank you, Claire, but I cannot.
    You can do it.
    Come on, Marty.
    Come on.
    Thank you, I can’t.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    You should go to Freddy’s.
    Several dozen union sympathizers led by labor lobbyist Martin
    Spinella attempted to disrupt the gala.
    They need to step up to the plate and take care of our teachers and
    our children.
    The protest dissipated when fundraiser attendees offer food and
    drink to picketers.
    Doesn’t matter what side you’re on.
    Everybody’s gotta eat.
    Turn it off.
    It is unclear whether the protest will continue.
    What now? Call the union leadership and the chapter presidents.
    See if they’re ready to pull the trigger.
    If they are, we strike at midnight tomorrow.
    You were extraordinary.
    Tomorrow, people who weren’t there are gonna lie and say they
    What are you reading? She can write.
    She can.
    And you can raise money.
    Always for a good cause.
    Thank you.
    Wait in the car, please.
    Hold on.
    I know who that is.
    Hello, Peter.
    I am starving.
    I forgot to eat.
    Would you like something, Peter? No.
    You should eat.
    Don’t fight.
    She’ll win.
    I will.
    You want some coffee? Yes.
    Do you have any children? Two.
    A son and a daughter.
    Married? Divorced.
    What are their names, your kids? Um, Sarah, she’s 11, and Kevin is
    Do you have any pictures? Fuck! I lost my phone.
    I– sorry.
    I should– uh, I gotta go.
    Peter, sit down.
    You’re gonna enjoy your sandwich, have some coffee, and stay the
    Milk and sugar? Black.
    Some fresh towels.
    There should be soap and toothpaste, everything you need in the
    Thank you so much for doing this.
    Oh, it’s nothing.
    Sleep well.
    What’s going on, Peter? Talk to me.
    You think fresh towels changes anything? Changes what? The
    If I was home and you pulled that shit, I’d beat the fuck out of
    I would crack your skull on the pavement.
    That’s why I came over here today, to fuck you up for what you made
    me do.
    I don’t care how nice you’re being to me.
    I don’t give a shit.
    I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and all these people all my friends are
    still fucked.
    And I’m still fucked.
    You fucked all of us.
    But I’m gonna get blamed for it.
    So now I have to carry that weight on my shoulders.
    You fucked me, Frank.
    I shouldn’t have let you do it, but I did.
    Are you done now? Get up.
  • No.
  • I said get up.
    And follow me.
    Get in.
    Take off your clothes and get in.
    Do it.
    There was a D.
    meeting earlier this week.
    About the governor’s race.
    Your name came up as someone we might want to run.
    Go ahead.
    Everyone in that room wanted to cross you off the list.
    I said no.
    I stuck up for you.
    I said, “Peter Russo, he’s got potential.
    He’s young.
    He’s capable.
    He’s going places.
    ” I made them keep you in contention.
    You’re still on that list.
    You show up at my house in the middle of the night, drunk, to whine,
    to try to shift the blame on me instead of taking responsibility for
    yourself and your own actions.
    Maybe they were right in that meeting.
    Maybe you are worthless.
    I’m the only person who believes in you, Peter, but maybe that’s one
    too many.
    The hot water will open up your capillaries.
    The aspirin you just took will make your blood thinner.
    It’s up to you, Peter.
    Oh, and if you do decide to take the coward’s way out, cut along the
    tracks, not across them.
    That’s a rookie mistake.
    You need a lift to the hill? I should go home and change my
    No, no, we’ll drop you.
    Want some coffee? Frank One month.
    Hmm? One month sober.
    I can give you that.
    Not for me.
    For you.
    Has the seed been planted? Only Peter can answer that question.
    He has a choice.
    Will he wither or will he thrive? Only time will tell.

从More的歌词我们得以见到,相比较近期的How far I’ll
far I’ll
welcome、燃系boss战前奏曲Warrior face被去除也就都说得通了

It was all very well to say “Drink me,” but the wise little Alice was
not going to do that in a hurry.

Sorry ,I can’t help you.         对不起,小编也帮不了你。I don’t
know.           小编不掌握。Ask someone else.          问下外人吧。
Railway station.          高铁站

House of Cards (2013) Episode Scripts | More Television Show Episode


“No, I’ll look first,” she said, “and see whether it’s marked ‘poison’
or not”; for she had read several nice little histories about children
who had got burnt (烧伤的), and eaten up by wild beasts and other
unpleasant things, all because they would not remember the simple rules
their friends had taught them:

Bus stop       汽车站      Get on             上车     Get
off                   下车      Train        火车     Taxi         
出租车,的士Hotel                  酒店,旅馆

© 本文版权归小编 

such as, that a red-hot poker will burn you if you hold it too long; and
that if you cut your finger very deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds;
and she had never forgotten that, if you drink much from a bottle marked
“poison”, it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.

School    学校      University                大学

However, this bottle was not marked “poison,”so Alice ventured
(冒险去做) to taste it, and finding it very nice, (it had, in fact, a
sort of mixed flavour of cherry-tart, custard (蛋奶甜羹), pine-apple,
roast turkey, toffee (太妃糖), and hot buttered toast,) she very soon
finished it off.

Walk                                             步行     
Right                                              右边、正确的    
Left                                               左边

“What a curious feeling!” said Alice; “I must be shutting up like a

Be careful                                 小心(叮嘱人家注意安全)    
沃特ch out                                   小心(火急景况下用)    Take
care                                       保重

And so it was indeed: she was now only ten inches high, and her face
brightened up at the thought that she was now the right size for going
through the little door into that lovely garden.

May I help you ?                                 要本人帮您呢?    Where
to ?                                          去何方?           How
much is the fare, please?                             请问车费多少?

First, however, she waited for a few minutes to see if she was going to
shrink (缩小) any further: she felt a little nervous about this; “for it
might end, you know,” said Alice to herself, “in my going out
altogether, like a candle.

One  yuan . Drop it in the box.      一元。丢进投币箱。     Does this
bus go to Yiling  Square?                  那趟车去夷陵广场吗?    
Yes/no.                                                  去/不去。

I wonder what I should be like then?” And she tried to fancy (想象) what
the flame of a candle is like after the candle is blown out, for she
could not remember ever having seen such a thing.

How to go to Yiling  Square?    

After a while, finding that nothing more happened, she decided on going
into the garden at once; but, alas for poor Alice! when she got to the
door, she found she had forgotten the little golden key, and when she
went back to the table for it, she found she could not possibly reach
it: she could see it quite plainly through the glass, and she tried her
best to climb up one of the legs of the table, but it was too slippery
(简单打滑的); and when she had tired herself out with trying, the poor
little thing sat down and cried.

Take bus 23.                 乘坐23路公交。     Does this bus go to
Three Gorges University?              那趟车去三峡大学吗?

“Come, there’s no use in crying like that!” said Alice to herself,
rather sharply; “I advise you to leave off this minute!” She generally
gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it), and
sometimes she scolded (责备) herself so severely as to bring tears into
her eyes; and once she remembered trying to box her own ears for having
cheated herself in a game of croquet (槌球游戏) she was playing against
herself, for this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two

No , take bus 23 /17.     不去,要做23/17路 。     I want to go to
….                                        我想去。。。

“But it’s no use now,” thought poor Alice, “to pretend to be two people!
Why, there’s hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!”

This is the right bus.           坐那辆车没错。    I’ll let you off when
we get there.  到地点叫你。

Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table:
she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words
“EAT ME” were beautifully marked in currants (小葡萄干).

I’ll call you then.                        到时候叫你。   Three gorges
dam                     三峡大坝

“Well, I’ll eat it,” said Alice, “and if it makes me grow larger, I can
reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the
door; so either way I’ll get into the garden, and I don’t care which

还有其余景点 ,

She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, “Which way? Which
way?”, holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was
growing, and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same
size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice
had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way
things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on
in the common way.

Thank you / thanks.                   谢谢。    You are welcome     

So she set to work, and very soon finished off the cake.

That’s all right                     不用谢     多少路公汽的传道:

“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that
for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); “now I’m
opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!”

Bus + 数字     如100路 是 bas one hundred , 读作 :巴士

(for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of
sight, they were getting so far off). “Oh, my poor little feet, I wonder
who will put on your shoes and stockings for you now, dears?

跟她说:I can’t help you. Call this

I’m sure I shan’t be able! I shall be a great deal too far off to
trouble myself about you: you must manage the best way you can; –but I
must be kind to them,” thought Alice, “or perhaps they won’t walk the
way I want to go! Let me see: I’ll give them a new pair of boots every


And she went on planning to herself how she would manage it. “They must
go by the carrier,” she thought; “and how funny it’ll seem, sending
presents to one’s own feet! And how odd the directions will look!



1.各位乘客,您好!Hello, passengers!

ALICE’S 讴歌RDXIGHT FOOT, ESQ (…先生, 用于信封上或合法文件中).

2.欢迎您乘坐xxx路公共小车。Welcome to take the xxx bus .


3.请不要拥挤,排队上车。 Please get on the bus in queue.

                            NEAR THE FENDER,

4.上车的司乘人士请自觉投币。Please pay the ticket voluntarily .

                                  (WITH ALICE’S LOVE).


Oh dear, what nonsense I’m talking!”

英语:The xx station is coming,please prepare to get off the bus。

Just then her head struck (碰撞) against the roof of the hall: in fact
she was now more than nine feet high, and she at once took up the little
golden key and hurried off to the garden door.

6.××站到了,请你在车子停稳后下车。xx station is coming. Please get off
after the bus stops completely 。

Poor Alice! It was as much as she could do, lying down on one side, to
look through into the garden with one eye; but to get through was more
hopeless than ever: she sat down and began to cry again.

7.劳驾,请给新任的同志让一让路。 Excuse me,please make a way for the
passengers who are getting off.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” said Alice, “a great girl like
you,” (she might well say this), “to go on crying in this way! Stop this
moment, I tell you!” But she went on all the same, shedding gallons of
tears, until there was a large pool all round her, about four inches
deep and reaching half down the hall.

8.开门请小心。 Pay attention to the opening door。

After a time she heard a little pattering of feet in the distance, and
she hastily (匆忙地) dried her eyes to see what was coming.

9.请扶好,慢点下。Please hold tightly and get off the bus carefully.

It was the White Rabbit returning, splendidly (极好地) dressed, with a
pair of white kid gloves in one hand and a large fan in the other: he
came trotting (小跑) along in a great hurry, muttering to himself as he
came, “Oh! the Duchess, the Duchess! Oh! won’t she be savage (凶残的) if
I’ve kept her waiting!”

10.下车请走人行道.Please go along the sidewalk after getting off the

Alice felt so desperate that she was ready to ask help of any one; so,
when the Rabbit came near her, she began, in a low, timid (胆怯的)
voice, “If you please, sir–” The Rabbit started violently, dropped the
white kid gloves and the fan, and skurried away into the darkness as
hard as he could go.

11.请大家不要拥挤,按顺序下车。 Please get off the bus in order。

Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot, she
kept fanning herself all the time she went on talking: “Dear, dear! How
queer (古怪的) everything is to-day!

12.各位乘客,请看管好和谐的物品,注意安全。 Dear passengers, please make
sure to take care of your personal belongings.

And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been
changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this
morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But
if I’m not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I?

13.小车前方拐弯,请扶好,站稳。 The bus will turning , please stand

Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” And she began thinking over all the
children she knew that were of the same age as herself, to see if she
could have been changed for any of them.

14.请不要将头和手伸出窗外。please don’t stretch your head and hands out
of the window.

“I’m sure I’m not Ada,” she said, “for her hair goes in such long
ringlets (长卷发), and mine doesn’t go in ringlets at all; and I’m sure
I can’t be Mabel, for I know all sorts of things, and she, oh! she knows
such a very little! Besides, she’s she, and I’m I, and–oh dear, how
puzzling it all is!

15.请您把小孩看管好,注意安全。Please take good care of your children.

I’ll try if I know all the things I used to know. Let me see: four times
five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven
is–oh dear!

16.劳驾,请往里面走一走。Excuse me, go toward inside please!

I shall never get to twenty at that rate! However, the Multiplication
Table doesn’t signify: let’s try Geography. London is the capital of
Paris, and Paris is the capital of Rome, and Rome–no, that’s all wrong,
I’m certain!

17.为了您的常规,请协助大家维持车内清洁。 For your health, please help
us to keep the car clean.

I must have been changed for Mabel! I’ll try and say ‘How doth the
little–’”and she crossed her hands on her lap as if she were saying
lessons, and began to repeat it, but her voice sounded hoarse and
strange, and the words did not come the same as they used to do:–

18.终点站到了,请我们带好本人的行李、物品下车。  The last stop is
coming. Please be sure to take your belongings.

“How doth the little crocodile

19.对你的提出大家终将采纳,感谢。We will adopt your suggestions, thank

Improve his shining tail,

20.感激我们对我们的支撑和包容。Thank you for your support and
cooperation .

And pour the waters of the Nile


On every golden scale!”


“How cheerfully he seems to grin,

  Hungry? 饿了吗?

How neatly spread his claws,

  I‘m hungry 我饿了

And welcome little fishes in

  I’m feeling a little bit peckish 作者肚子有点饿了

With gently smiling jaws!”

  I‘m famished! 作者饿死了!

  I’m starving! 小编饿死了!


  I‘m starved! 作者饿死了!


  I’m starved to death! 小编饿死了!

  1. …if you drink much from a bottle marked “poison”, it is almost
    certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.

  I could eat a horse! 笔者饿极了(作者连一匹马都能吃掉)!


  I‘m not hungry at all. 笔者点儿也不饿。

[1] be certain to 肯定会…

  We have some snacks 吃点儿点心吧

[例句] You’re certain to be a builder, and Jon’s certain to be a

  Where are the snacks? 点心在何地?


  They’re in the cupboard 在碗橱里

[2] disagree with sb. (食物)使(某人)感到不适

  Is it time for dinner yet? 该吃晚饭了吗?

[例句] Spicy food disagrees with me.

  Is dinner ready? 晚饭做好了吧?


  Have you made dinner? 晚饭做好了啊?

  1. …she could see it quite plainly through the glass, and she tried her
    best to climb up one of the legs of the table…

  Have you got supper ready? 晚饭做好了呢?


  Oh,it‘s not. But I’m almost ready here. 还并未,不过快做好了。

[1] see it quite plainly through… 透过/通过…清楚地看看它

  What‘s good tonight? 明儿早晨做怎样好吃的了?


  What would you like for dinner? 晚饭你想吃哪些?

[例句] The two situations are quite different.

  What do you want to eat for dinner? 晚饭你想吃哪些?


  What should I fix for dinner? 晚饭做什么好呢?

plainly 副词,明显地;清晰地

  What should I make for dinner? 晚饭做怎么样行吗?

[例句] This is plainly wrong.

  What should I cook for dinner? 晚饭做哪些好吧?


  What should I whip up for dinner? 晚饭做什么样好啊?

[2] try one’s best to do 尽某人最大的全力做

  What’s for dinner tonoght? 前几日晚餐吃什么样?

  1. …and once she remembered trying to box her own ears for having
    cheated herself in a game of croquet (槌球游戏) she was playing against
    herself, for this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two

  What‘s for dinner? 晚饭吃什么样?


  What would you like for dinner? 晚饭你想吃什么?

[1] cheat oneself in a game 在娱乐中尔虞小编诈自个儿

  What do you feel like? 你想吃点什么?

[2] play against oneself

  I like to eat hamburgers. 小编喜爱吃布拉格。

[3] be fond of sb./sth./doing 喜欢某人/某物/做… 那是除了 like

  Hamburgers are my cup of tea. 汉堡包是本人喜爱吃得。

[例句] She was very fond of horses.

  I have a sweet tooth. 小编爱好吃甜东西。


  Which would you like for dinner, beef, chicken or fish?

[4] pretend 假装;(游戏中)装扮,常与 to 搭配。

  I feel like some fish and chips for supper 晚餐作者想吃鱼和土豆条

[例句] Were you just pretending to be interested?

  Shall we dress some salad? 大家调些沙拉怎么?


  I’m making a salad. 作者正在做沙拉。


  Is the fish cooked enough? 鱼做的机会够吗?

  1. …dropped the white kid gloves and the fan, and skurried away into
    the darkness as hard as he could go.

  Would you like a taste? 你要尝尝吗?


  Want a taste? 要尝尝吗?

书中所使用的 skurried 一词,经查问,词典中并不曾查到合理表达。而只要将
skurried 换到 scurried,句意能表达地通。scurried 是 scurry

  How about a bite? 来尝一口?


  We had roast mutton for dinner. 大家中午吃烤羊肉。

  How about steak? 吃牛排什么?

  We‘re having curry today 先天吃咖喱饭

  How soon can you get it ready? 还要多长时间才能搞好?

  How soon will it be done? 还要多长期才能办好?

  How long before you can get it ready? 还要多短期才能搞好?

  When will it be ready? 还要多长时间才能办好?

  It’s almost ready. 几乎做好了。

  It will be on the table in a minute. 立时就上桌了。

  Don‘t stand around doing nothing. 别站在当场什么也不干。

  Spread a cloth over the table 在桌子上铺上桌布

  Would you help me set the table? 你能帮自身准备餐具吗?

  Help me set the table. 来支援摆碗筷。

  I’d be happy to 乐意之至

  It‘s all ready 都准备好了

  Shall we begin? 可以吃了吧?

  Please go ahead 请先吃呢

  Please help yourself 请先吃啊

  It’s time to eat 该进食了

  Call everyone to the table. 叫我们来就餐。

  Call the family to dinner. 叫全家里人来用餐。

  Call everyone to dinner. 叫每一种人用餐。

  Food time! 开饭了!

  Come and get it! 开饭了!/该进食了!

  Time to eat! 吃饭了!

  It‘s time to eat! 吃饭了!

  It’s time for dinner. 该进食了。

  Let‘s eat. 来吃吧。

  I’m coming. 那就来啦。

  Be right there. 霎时就到。

  I‘ll be right there. 笔者立时就到。

  I’m on my way. 那就来了。

  Did you wash your hand well? 手洗干净了吗?

  Not yet. I‘ll be there momentarily. 还尚无呢,小编那就去。


  Finally 终于吃上饭了

  Shall we say a grace? 大家发轫祈祷吧? 点击演示视频

  Get all you want. 随便拿(吃)。 点击演示视频

  Can you pass me the grean beans,
please? 请把豆角递给作者好呢? 点击演示录制

  Don’t pick it with your fingers, just take a spoon.
别用手拿,用勺子。 点击演示录像

  Don‘t spill it 别弄洒了

  Don’t tip it over 别弄洒了

  Be careful not to spill it. 小心不要溅出来。

  Don‘t pig out. 不要狼吞虎咽。

  That was a wonderful meal! 那顿饭真棒!

  Wow! Chicken noodle clam chowder soup! It’s really deliciouse 哇!

  What delectable food you cook! 你做的饭真好吃!

  A hearty meal. The food is excellent 一顿丰裕晚餐,那菜真好吃

  I‘m glad you enjoy it. 真喜欢你喜欢吃。

  It’s good to be home 仍然家好呀

  It feels so good to be home 依然家好呀

  I don‘t like celery 小编不欣赏吃芹菜

  I don’t like asparagus 我不喜欢吃芦笋

  I hate to eat asparagus. 作者不欣赏吃芦笋。

  I detest asparagus. 小编讨厌芦笋。

  Don‘t be picky. 不许挑食。

  Don’t be so fussy about your food. 你别那么挑食。

  Don‘t be such a picky eater. 不要这么挑食。

  I’m picky. 小编那人很挑食。

  I‘m choosy. 我那人很挑食。

  I’m so fussy with my food. 作者很挑剔我的食物。

  I know it‘s not good for me. 小编驾驭那样对肉体不好。

  But I just can’t eat anything I don‘t like.

  I think you should force yourself to eat them.

  Be quiet and eat your food. 别说话,吃你的饭。

  Don’t talk when you eat your food. 吃饭时毫无说话。

  Don‘t talk with your mounth full. 嘴里有东西时不要说话。

  Keep quiet while your mouth is full. 嘴里有东西时毫无说话。

  Don’t read at the table. 不要在进餐时看书。

  No 电视 during dinner. 吃饭时决不看TV。

  Have some more soup. 多喝点汤。

  Would you like some more of this? 再来点儿那个菜吧?

  威尔 you have a little more fish? 你再吃点鱼好啊?

  How about seconds? 再来点什么?

  Some more. 再来一些。

  Just a little, please. 就来一点点。

  Just a smidgen. 就来一点点。

  Just a smidgen of tomato sauce. 就来一点点的番茄酱。

  A tincy wincy bit. 就一点点。

  Just a tincy wincy bit of spice. 就要一撮辣椒酱。

  Just a dash. 就一点。

  Just a dash of garlic. 就来点点蒜。

  Just add a drop of vodka 就加点点威士忌。

  Eat all of your vegetables 把碗里的菜吃光

  Finish your vegetables 把碗里的菜吃光

  Finish up your vegetables 把碗里的菜吃光

  Finish up your plate 把饭吃光

  I don‘t want to eat them. 小编不想吃了。

  I’m full. 我饱了。

  I‘m full up. 小编很饱了。

  I’m not hungry anymore. 作者饱了。 点击演示录制

  I feel stuffed. 小编以为饱了。

  I have been quite full. 小编已经很饱了。

  I can‘t take it any more. 我不能再吃了。

  I’m up to my neck. 小编其实吃不下了。

  I‘m positively full.I have no more room. 太饱了,作者吃不下了

  I’m absolutely stuffed 小编相对吃饱了

  You eat like a sparrow! 你的胃口很小!


  Would you like any help to clear the table? 作者来帮您收拾桌子行吗?

  Let me help you put the dishes away first 作者先帮你收拾盘子吧

  Would you clear the table? 能帮作者收拾桌子吗?

  Would you put the dishes away? 能帮自个儿收拾盘子吗?

  It‘s your turn to clear the table. 该你收拾桌子了。

  It’s your turn to do the dishes. 该你洗碗了。

  It‘s not my turn. 明日不应当作者洗。

  Whose turn is it to do the dishes? 轮到何人来洗碗了?

  Wash the dishes. 把盘子洗了。

  Wash the plates. 把盘子洗了。

  Do the dishes. 把盘子洗了。

  Ok. I’ll wash the dishes. 好呢,作者来洗盘子。

  I‘ll scour the dishes. 作者来洗盘子。

  I will. 我就洗。

  I’ll dry the dishes. 作者擦盘子。

  I‘ll mop up the plates. 作者擦盘子。


  My sister eats very little. 作者妹子吃得很少。

  My sister doesn’t eat very much. 笔者妹子吃得不多。

  My sister eats like a bird. 作者四嫂食量很少。

  My older brother eats very much. 我四哥吃得好些。

  My older brother is a big eater. 作者大哥很能吃。

  My older brother eats like a horse. 小编二弟越发能吃。



Is there an airport bus to the city? 那里有从机场去市核心的巴士吗 ?

  Where is the bus stop (taxi stand)? 巴士车站在哪个地方 ?

  How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?

  Keep the change, please 不用找钱了

  Take me to this address, please 请拉自身去那个地方

  How long does it take to go to the city centre ?

  Stop here, please 请停下来。

  What time does it leave? 几点发车?

  Where can I get a ticket? 在哪儿卖票?

  Could you tell me when we get there? 请问几点可以到达那里。


(1)Sleep and waking up(睡觉/起床)

  It’s time to go sleepy-bye。(到睡觉的时日了。)

  Sweat dreams。(做个美好的梦。)

  It’s time to go to bed。/提姆e for bed。(该上床了。)

  It’s time to have a nap。(该午休了。)

  Wake up!(起床。)

  Did you sleep well?(睡好了吗?)

  Time to get up。(该起床了。)

  (2)Getting dressed(穿衣)

  It’s time to get dressed(该穿衣裳了。)

  What do you want to wear today?(明天想穿什么样?)

  This shirt doesn’t go with those pants。(那件褂子和裤子不搭配。)

  Stand still。 / sit still。(站好/坐好。)

  Now put on your sweater。(未来穿上毛衣。)

  Take your clothes off。/ Take off your clothes。(脱衣服。)

  Pick up your socks, please。(请把袜子捡起来。)

  Put on your

  (3)Meal time(吃饭)

  Come sit at the table。(过来坐在桌旁。)

  Stop playing with your food。(不要再玩食品了。)

  Don’t talk with your mouth full。(嘴里吃着永不说话。)

  Help Daddy do the dishes。(协理大爷收盘子。)

  Help Mommy to set the table。(帮助大姑放桌子。)

  Help us clear off the table。(帮大家收拾桌子。)


  (4)Safty and injuries(安全和受伤)

  It’s bad for you!(这对您不佳。)

  I have told you many times not to do

  Don’t sit too close to the TV。(不要坐的离TV太近。)

  It’s nothing。 It’s just a little cut。(不要紧,只是小口子)

  Don’t touch the electrical outlets。(不要碰电源插座)

  Don’t try to plug/put anything in the

  Don’t touch anything on the stove。(不要碰炉子)

  The oven is very hot; you could burn

  Those tools are too sharp; they’re only for

  Don’t use others cup; you could catch his cold/germs that

  Don’t play with fire; it’s dangerous。(不要以身试法,危险)

  Wait for the green light before you cross the

  Always look both side before crossing the street。

  (5) Playing toys/games(玩玩具/游戏)

  Don’t leave toys on the floor where people will step on

  I’m going to count to ten。(小编将数到十)

  Let’s pick up the toys and put them

  Want to play hide and seek?(玩捉迷藏吗?)

  Ready or not, here I come。(准备好了吗?小编来了)

  Please put the toys/books back on the

  Want to play outside?(想出去玩吗?)

  (6) Bathroom talk(卫生间)

  Do you need to go potty?(你要去大/小便吗?)

  I need to go to the bathroom。 (我要上厕所)

  Don’t unroll the toilet paper。(不要扯手纸。)

  Don’t use too much toilet paper。(不要浪费手纸。)

  Don’t pick your nose。 / Don’t stick your fingers in your

  Wipe your bottom。(擦擦屁股。)

  适合跟家属说的一般性葡萄牙共和国(República Portuguesa)语口语,永久收藏!

  (7) Washing up(清洁)

  Your hands are sticky。(你的手很脏。)

  Wash your hands immediately。(马上去洗手。)

  Look at the mess you’ve made。(看看您弄的。)

  You need to have a bath。(你得洗个澡了。)

  (8) Manners(礼貌)

  Don’t interrupt daddy/mommy。(不要打断妈/爸说话)

  Don’t bother me while I’m on the phone。(小编打电话时毫无燃烧。)

  Are you going to apologize?(你准备道歉吗?)

  You need to share your toys with your

  He had that toy first。(他先得到的玩具。)

  This toy doesn’t belong to you。(那些玩具不是您的。)

  (9) Finding out(发现题目)

  What’s happened?(发生如何事了?)

  What’s the matter?(怎么了?)

  Why are you crying?(为啥哭?)

  Don’t worry。(不要操心。)

  伊夫rything’s fine。(一切都会好的。)

  There’s nothing to be scared of。(没什么可怕的。)

  Are you feeling better now?(你今后倍感好些吗?)

  We’re right in the next room。(大家就在两旁的房间)

  (10) Discipline(纪律)

  Stop doing that。(停下)

  We need to discuss this。(我们须求检查一下。)

  Good girls/boys don’t do/say things like

  You’re part of a family, and you can’t think only about

  Don’t argue me about this。(不要再和自小编冲突了。)

  I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t have the toys picked
up by then …(数到三你不收玩具,作者就。。。)

  No more discussion, you’re going to bed

  Don’t raise your voice at me!(不要对本人进步嗓门!)

  That’s a rude way to speak。(那样说话不礼貌/粗鲁。)


  (11)Compliments, encouragement(鼓励,夸奖)

  Great job!(太棒了!)

  I’m so proud of you。(小编真为你骄傲!)

  Well done!(干得好!)

  You were so brave/great/good!(你真勇敢/棒!)

  (12)Restaurants, shopping(饭店,购物)

  We can’t eat the food until we pay for

  Don’t run around here; we’re not at

  Please don’t knock down all those cans。(请不要把那一个罐子碰倒。)

  Don’t touch anything here。 These things aren’t

  You promised me you wouldn’t ask me to buy


What would you like to drink?你想喝点什么?

Well, what do you have?Anything to drink?

Coffee, please. 来杯咖啡.

With sugar and cream?要加牛奶和糖啊?Yes, please. /No, thank you.

What would you like for dinner, beef or fish? 午餐您要牛肉依旧要鱼./Beef
or fish for dinner?

Which would you like, beef or fish?

Beef, please. 请给本人牛肉.

Have you finished?你用完了啊? /Are you through?

No, not yet. 还没有.

May I clear the table? 我能够收走了吧?

May I clear the plates off the table?

Clear the table, please. 请你收拾一下桌子吧–Yes, sir.

Can I have some water?你能给本身一杯水吗?

Can I have something to drink?您能给自己点喝的吧?

A blanket, please. 毯子 请给自家一条毯子.

I feel cold/hot.作者觉得冷/热

I’ll turn on the heater. 空调

I feel sick. 作者认为恶心./I’m not feeling well.

Can I have some medicine? 能给本人点药吗?

May I help you?

Could u tell me how to fill out this form?您能帮作者填那张表吗?

How do I fill out this form?

Can you help me with this form?


May I see ur passport, please?请出示护照

Here it is.

How long will you be staying in the United States?您在U.S.滞留多久?

I plan to stay for a week.

What’s the purpose of your visit?


What brought you here?

Why are you here?

Sightseeing. /Business. 旅游/工作

I’m here on business. 小编是来干活的

I’m here on vacation. 作者是来度假的./I’m vacationing.

Where are you staying?您住哪?

I’m staying at the Benson Hotel.

Do you have anything to declare? 报关(有何样需求报关的呢?)

Anything to declare? –No, I don’t.

At the 华盛顿 Hotel.在华盛顿饭馆

How much money do you have?你有微微现金?

Four hundred dollars and one hundred thousand yen.四百日币和拾万英镑.

Okay. Have a nice stay.好了.祝你喜欢

Okay. Have a nice trip.

I can’t find my baggage.作者找不到本身的行李了.

What does it look like?

Please check it immediately.请即刻查一查.

Please check it right away.

Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you have located

Please deliver my baggage to my hotel as soon as you find it.

I’d like to reconfirm my flight.作者想再一次确认一下自小编的机票.

Where is the Japan Airlines counter?日本航空集团的柜台在哪?

Where is the boarding gate?登机口在哪?

What time do you start boarding?曾几何时开首登机?

Has this flight begun boarding?这一个航班开始登机了呢?

Have they begun boarding this flight?

What time will we arrive in Tokyo?几点到东京(Tokyo)?

In about two hours.

1.Don’t put on airs.  不要摆架子。 2.Rubber check. 空头支票。
3.I don’t feel very well. 作者有点不痛快。
4.She is in the family way. 他怀孕了。
5.How did you make out? 你做得怎么着了?
6.If you are in a hurry,go yourself. 倘使你急的话,你就融洽去好了。
7.Do as I said. 照本人的话去做。 

8.We are here on business. 大家是来办正事的。
9.I belong to myself. 小编不受别人支配。
10.Thanks for telling me. 感谢您告知小编。 11.Leave me alone. 别管小编。 

12.Tell me more. 多告诉自身有个别。
13.伊夫rything in order? 一切都准备好了吗?
14.Many happy returns. 祝你年轻永驻。
15.If you say so,that’s enough for me. 如若您如此说,作者就看中了。

 16.Money is the root of all evil. 钱是万恶之源。 17.I can read your mind. 自己能通晓您的心情。
18.She is a very difficult woman. 她是一个很难对付的女郎。 19.Make up your mind. 快下决心吧。 

20.Anything you say. 全部都听你的。 21.Take off your coat. 把T恤脱了呢。 22.It’s a piece of cake. 那是一件简单的事。
23.Could you do me a favor? 你可以帮作者三个忙吗? 

24.It’s my fault. 那是我的谬误。
25.Don’t blame me for it. 那件事,别怪作者。 26.Give me a hand. 帮笔者三个忙。 27.I’m not sure yet. 作者还不敢显然。 

28.It’s too good to be true. 大约是太好了。 29.Let’s take a break now. 让我们休息一下啊。 30.There is nothing to it. 从未有过什么样了不起的事。 

31.Don’t talk nonsense. 不要风马不接。 32.Keep the change. 零钱毫无找了。 33.Stay out of trouble. 绝不燃烧生非了。 34.She is in trouble. 她怀孕了。
35.Don’t do this to me. 不要这么对待本人。 36.I will take care of him. 小编会对付他的。 37.I’ll be happy to do it. 作者很乐于做。
38.I’ll be happy to do it for you.
自身乐意为您出力。 39.I have no choice. 小编困难。 40.Be my guest. 自个儿请客。
41.I apologize again. 小编重新向您陪个不是。 42.I’ll be there. 我会按时到的。

 43.Make yourself at home. 不要束缚。 
45.Nothing serious. 尚未怎么了不起的事。 46.Cherry girl. 处女。 47.Damm fool! 蠢材! 

48.Damm it! 他妈的! 49.Fuck you! 操你的!
50.It’s my day today. 前几日天数很好。 51.I am blowed if I know.  小编如若知道的话,就是东西。 52.You are really something. 你真有手腕。
53.I’ll be with you in a minute. 作者即刻就来。 54.Check in 登记住旅舍 55.Check out 付账退旅舍56.apple shiner(apple polisher) 马屁精
57.I got a sugar report this morning.
明晚自小编收到一封情书。 58.He has an apple head. 他是个笨蛋。 59.Don’t get me wrong. 不要误会自身。 60.Like father like son. 有其父必有其子。 61.Try my fortune. 碰碰运气。
62.Don’t get me angry. 不要惹小编发火。 63.Take it easy. 不要紧张。 64.It’s not fair. 太有失公正了。 65.make water 小便
66.Window shopping 逛街
67.I’ll be back in a jiffy, 我随即就赶回。 68.I’ll do it in a jiffy. 作者当即去做。 69.Go to hell! 滚蛋!该死!
70.What the hell are you doing? 你毕竟在搞哪样名堂? 71.Business in business. 公平。
72.Give him a bueak. 给他壹个自新机会。 73.I am on the beach. 小编已失去工作了。
74.None of your business. 少管闲事。 75.You shall have it for nothing.
您获取免费赠予。 76.Hold me tight. 把自个儿抱紧。 77.Take your time. 逐渐来。 78.Make a scene. 出洋相。 79.We are all set. 大家已预备好了。 80.Don’t make a scene. 不要出洋相。 81.Let’s go Dutch. 大家独家付账。 82.Let me foot the bill. 小编来付账。 83.Bottoms up 干杯
84.Let’s have a snack. 大家去宵夜。
85.May I drink to your health. 祝你健康。 86.You are kidding. 你在快意。 87.Long time no see. 好久不见。
88.Where are you from? 你是何地人? 89.I’m flattered. 你太过奖了。 90.Pick me up at five. 5点钟来接自个儿。 91.So long. 再见。
92.No time to stop and chat. 没有时间跟你聊天了。 93.What kind of food do you like? 你欣赏吃哪些菜?
94.What are you looking at me for? 你瞪着小编干什么? 95.It’s my turn to treat you. 那回该作者请你客。96.So long. I’ll be seeing you. 再见,后会有期。
97.I’m at your disposal anytime. 小编每一日等待你的外派。 98.I’m telling you for the last time. 作者最终五次警告你。
99.Can I speak to you a moment? 我可以还是不可以跟你谈一下啊? 100.I don’t know what to say. 作者不知情该怎么说才好。 101.I don’t mean to offend you.  我不是故意冒犯你的。 102.How much do I owe you? 作者总共要付多少钱?
103.I can never thank you enough. 本身不明白该如何感谢你才好。 104.I don’t know what’s the matter with me.
本身要好也不晓得怎么搞的。 105.I know it is a bad time for you. 作者清楚你以后的情怀不佳。 106.How is business? 生意怎么? 107.So so. 丢三拉四。
108.box lunch(lunch box) 盒饭 109.Drat it! 讨厌!畜生! 110.Drat you! 你那畜生! 111.Blast it! 该死!
112.Nobody’s perfect. 哪有人不犯错误的。 113.Sleeping pill. 安眠药。
114.Been waiting long? 等很久了啊? 115.Don’t be so childish! 别太孩子气了。 116.I can do what I please!
小编爱哪些做就怎么办,你管不着! 117.I don’t want to make a scene. 笔者才不情愿出洋相。
118.Nothing to it,I can fix it myself! 没有啥惊天动地,小编也做得来。 119.I don’t think he is so hot.
小编不信任她有那么棒。 120.Mr. Right is hard to spot. 意中人难找。
121.What does it have to do with you?
那几个跟你有怎么着关联? 122.What on earth are you doing?
你毕竟在做什么? 123.How can I ever thank you? 作者该怎么样谢你才好吧? 

124.威尔 you stop treating me like a child?
请你不用把作者当孩子看待,好啊? 125.Do you give refunds on empties?
空瓶子可以退钱吗? 126.I took care of the check. 小编已付过账了。

 127.I like whisky on the rocks.
自个儿喜爱喝白兰地(BRANDY)加冰块。 128.How have you been? 你近期好吧? 129.I’m so glad that you could come.

130.May I have your name? 请问尊姓大名? 131.Take care of yourself. 请多保重。 132.You are welcome. 无需客气。
133.It’s very kind of you to say so. 谢谢你的赞许。

 134.What is your occupation? 你是干哪一行的? 135.You think too much of me.
你把自家估算得太高了。 136.So far so good. 近日尚好。
137.Sorry to have kept you waiting.
对不起,让您久等了。 138.It’s my pleasure to know you. 认识阁下,深感荣幸。 139.Pleasure is mine. 是本人的荣耀。
140.Come up and see me sometime. 有空当请来玩。 141.You get the point. 你说对了。
142.May I take your order? 请问点些什么? 143.air sick 晕机 144.sea sick 晕船
145.I’m going to be upset! 我要发作了! 146.We have something in common.
大家有不可计数相同之处。 147.He is a crook. 他是个骗子。 148.That is not fair. 那是不公道的。
149.That is very interesting. 这真有意思。 150.That is so! 原来那样! 151.That is too bad!  那太可惜了! 152.Is that so? 真有那回事吗? 153.I’m through! 我完了! 

154.I’ll see. 自身考虑一下。 155.Are you all right? 你未曾难题啊? 156.I’m together. 作者尚未难题。 157.Sorry for being late. 对不起来迟了。 158.You’re crazy! 你疯了! 

159.You’re tense. 您太紧张了。 160.You O.K.?
你没事吗?你还行吗? 161.He is something.
你其实了不起。 162.No comment. 无可奉告。 163.Go celebrate. 我们美观庆祝一下。 

164.Lazybones! 懒骨头!
165.Behave yourself! 放规矩些! 166.It is secondhand. 那是二流货。 167.Get with it! 迁就一点吧! 168.Let’s have a chat. 我们聊聊天吧。

 169.What is going on? 怎么三次事?
170.What is wrong with me? 小编做错什么事了? 171.Did you have lunch? 你吃过午饭了并未? 172.I just finished. 作者刚吃过。 

173.Payday 发薪饷的光阴
175.He’s been after me to go! 他一贯在逼自个儿走! 176.We did it in on time. 我们飞速就办好了。
177.His heart’s in the right place. 他的情思不错。
178.My wife goes through my pockets at night.
小编老伴每晚都搜作者的口袋。 179.So and so 某某
180.Tell me when. 小编随时奉陪。 181.He is a sponge. 他是海量。

182.He doesn’t say much. 她沉默。 183.He talks too much. 他很罗嗦。
184.He is devoted to me. 她对自己真心耿耿。185.Let’s change the subject. 让我们换个话题吧。 

186.Let’s take a vote. 大家来决定一下呢。 187.There’s no one like you. 没人比得上你。 188.Go ahead! 请便吧! 189.How did it go? 结果如何?(后来吧?) 

190.How is she getting along? 她近况如何?
191.How about a second round? 再干一杯如何? 192.What are you selling? 你在搞什么名堂?
193.Don’t make long speeches. 长话短说吧。 194.Don’t pull my leg! 不要扯作者的后腿了。 195.Don’t be so fussy. 别如此吹毛求疵了。 196.What’s the fare? 多少钱?
197.What is a better suggestion? 还有何样更好的章程? 198.What do they know? 他们精通如何?
199.What is the difference? 这有啥关系?
200.Who in the world is that fellow? 这个东西终究是何人? 201.Who in the world are you?  你到底是何人?

202.I want you to mean it.= I want you to say what you mean. 小编要你说出真心话。
203.You have gone a little too far this time. 你这一次有点太过份了。 

204.He is a man of ideas. 他是个点子很多的人。 205.I’m not in the mood to go. 小编从没心思去。
206.He is an apple polisher. 他是个马屁精。 207.Are you through? 你说成功没有?
208.As far as I know. 就自己所知道。 209.Are you trying to kill me?
你想杀作者啊? 210.I’m at the end of my resources.
笔者前天是十日并出。 211.What are we going to do now?
大家今后该怎么办? 212.Sorry,I’m late,been waiting long?
213.He is a bookworm. 他是个书呆子。 214.I’m behind you. 作者支持你。
215.Beware of the dog! 谨防恶犬!
216.Beware of pickpockets! 谨防扒手! 217.He is a big bore. 他是个讨厌鬼。 218.He is a big chees 他是个大业主

219.Big talk is easy. 吹牛是件简单的事。 220.I will talk to you later. 将来再跟你聊。 221.I feel blue today. 作者前几天心情不佳。 222.You are too smart for me.
223.I’m sick and tired of him. 作者对他已讨厌极了。 224.It means nothing to me. 本人有限都不在乎。 225.He’s my sworn brother. 他是自个儿的结拜兄弟。

 226.Don’t give me sweet talk. 不要给自家说些甜言蜜语了。 227.It must be an inside job. 必然有卧底。(内奸) 228.This is a very good
plan,I’m all for it.那是个好安排,小编完全同意。 

229.It’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. 背城借一,绝不是一件聪明的事。 230.On the job training. 在职培训。
231.On the job = on duty 值班
232.I’m on the job. 我在值班。
233.VIP=Very important person 要人(贵宾)
234.The plan is still up in the air. 这么些安排仍未决定。 235.It’s up to you. 随你的便(由你决定)。 236.It has to be done. 应该做的事。 237.Top man 上司 238.To my knowledge=so far as I know. 据小编所知。
239.Thanks for your help. 多谢你的扶持。 240.I know you better than yourself. 作者把您看透了。 241.How is your business? 生意怎么?
242.How is everything? 近况怎样? 243.Give me a hand. 帮自个儿一个忙。 244.Give me a chance. 给小编一回机遇。 

245.I don’t know who did this,but I’ll get to the bottom of it. 笔者不知情哪个人干的,不过我要查个毕竟。 246.Next time I am going to teach him a lesson.

247.The joke has gone too far. 玩笑开得太大了。
248.Let us stop it , the joke has gone too far.

249.Take your time and do a good job. 逐渐地把工作做好。
250.Please bring me up-to-date. 请您告知作者最新的音信。 252.You had better put your feet on the ground.  你最好要扎扎实实。
253.Mr.Right is hard to spot. 如意娃他爹倒霉找。 254.I’m on my way. 我当即就去。
255.I’m at your disposal=I’m at your service. 作者无时无刻等待你指使。
256.I’m busy on another line. 作者正在忙着听另2个电话。 257.I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
258.Are you free now? 你今后闲暇吗? 259.Yes,I’m free. 是的,作者有空。
260.Would you do me a favor? 请你帮本身二个忙,行吗? 261.It’s very kind of you. 你真好。
262.Merry Christmas. 祝你圣诞开心。 263.Happy New Year. 祝你新年欢愉。
264.Happy birthday. 祝你生日欢快。
265.I wish you very happiness. 祝你兴奋。 266.Happy landing.
祝你顺遂。 267.伊夫rything looks so beautiful. 一切看起来都很美。
268.Please write it down here. 请写在那里。
269.Many happy returns of the day! 祝你年轻永驻。
270.Best wishes for a happy and prosperous future.祝你喜欢和前景光明。

271.Make yourself comfortable. 请不要束缚。 272.Please help yourself.
请随便用(餐)。 273.Which would you like? 你欢娱哪一个?
274.That is enough. 作者吃饱了。

275.Take your choice! 你协调挑吧!276.It is a pleasure to help you.
协助您是本身的体面。 277.You are welcome. 不用客气。 278.Not at all.

279.Thank you very much for your kindness. 多谢你的美意。
280.Please remember me to your family. 请替我向您的亲戚问好。
281.Please give my regards to your parents. 请代小编向您的老人问好。

282.Why do you kill time every day? 你怎么每一日消磨时光?
283.What do you want,kid? 孩子,你需求如何?
284.Be sure to keep in touch with me while you are away.

285.You can get promoted as long as you keep your nose clean.
只要您躲开麻烦,你就能晋升。286.How could I say no?
小编怎能拒绝?287.How dare you say that? 你怎敢那么说?

288.How can you be so sure? 你怎能那样自然啊? 289.It doesn’t matter.
没有涉及。 290.Never mind.
未曾涉及(不必在意)291.It’s for me to apologize,not for you.

292.霍普 to see you again. 可望再看到您。 293.So long.Good luck to you.
再见,祝你有幸。 294.What the matter with you? 你有何样窘迫?
295.Shall I help you? 要不要本身匡助?

296.When will you be free? 你如曾几何时候有空? 297.Please be careful!
请小心点! 298.You must live according to your income.
您不可以不要勤俭节约。 299.Where have you been? 你曾到过哪些地点?

300.It is none of your business,get along with you. 少管闲事,你滚开。
301.Get going,you are in my way.  滚开,你挡了自作者的去路。302.Go ahead.

303.He is good for nothing. 他是个不算的人。 304.Good for you.
对你有便宜。 305.He made a slip of the tongue. 他说溜了嘴。
306.On the contrary. 相反地。

307.It’s impossible. 无法的。 308.Don’t bother me. 不用烦作者。
309.Am I in your way? 作者妨碍了您呢? 310.I haven’t seen you for a
long time. 笔者很久没有见到您了。

311.Are you as busy as before? 你跟原先一样费劲吗?
312.You are always in such a hurry? 你总是如此忙啊?
313.I have been looking forward to seeing you. 笔者一贯愿意见到你。

314.I am so glad to see you. 看见你本人非凡心潮澎湃。 315.You’re been had.
您被骗了。 316.It’s a pleasure to know you. 认识阁下,至感荣幸。
317.You’re putting me on. 你在寻我开玩笑。

318.You set me up! 你害惨笔者了! 319.You are trying my patience.
你不要惹小编发火。 320.You got a big mouth. 你太多嘴了。

321.Love is stronger than hate. 爱可胜过全部。 322.It’s a waste of time.
几乎是浪费时间。 323.No problem. 没不平常。
324.What do you do for a living? 你是干吗的?

325.May I bother you for a moment? 作者可以扰乱您说话呢?
326.May I trouble you for a light? 小编得以麻烦你说话吧?
327.What can I do for you? 小编能为您听从吗?

328.What do you want me to do? 你须求自我做些什么?
329.It’ll be a great pleasure to do anything for you.

330.Your comments and directions are welcome. 迎接你的批评和辅导。
331.I would appreciate your comments. 请你多么批评。
332.How much is this? 这几个某个钱?

333.How much is that? 那多少个多少钱? 334.It is very expensive. 太贵了。
335.How can I get there? 小编该怎么走? 336.It’s time for me to be off.

337.Keep to your own affairs. 你绝不越职代理。338.Have a good time.
祝你喜气洋洋。 339.Have a nice trip. 祝你旅途欢娱。
340.I have a long way to go. 作者要向您告辞了。

341.I will do my best. 作者将尽心。 342.Say it slowly,please.
请您渐渐说。 343.Why are you in such a hurry? 你为何那样辛苦?
344.Take a break. 休息会儿。

345.Please give me an example. 请举个例证吗。
346.What is the difference? 有哪些关联? 347.You are stupid.
你是个笨蛋。 348.Of course. 当然。

349.Of course not. 本来不是。 351.You had better make sure. 
你最好搞清楚点。 352.Anybody home? 有人在家吗? 353.You mad at me?

354.I am happy for you. 小编为你快意。 355.Red-light district. 红灯区。
356.She’s impossible! 她当成不讲理。 357.I’ll get him by the neck.

358.I’m pretty sure that he can never get there.
359.Let’s put our heads together,friends! 朋友们!大家一齐商量(集思广益)。 360.He got in bad among his friends. 他在对象中人缘不佳。 

361.He is a real trouble maker. 他真是个捣蛋鬼。 362.How can I reach you? 作者怎么样和您关系? 363.Just as I thought. 正如本身所料到的。
364.I will be happy to do it for you. 我愿意为你听从。 365.How did your job go? 你的工作进程怎么样? 366.I don’t buy your story. 作者不信任你的鬼话。
367.No man is good enough for her. 她骄傲。
368.Don’t hang up,please. 请别挂断(电话)。 369.I think it’s so. 我想就是那样的。 370.There is no such thing. 从未那回事。
371.I’m coming right away. 作者立即就来。
372.You are just the man I have been looking for.
你正是自个儿要寻找的尤其人。 373.Let’s do it this way. 大家就那样办吧。
374.What’s to be done about it? 关于那件事,该怎么做? 375.It’s my turn to treat you. 这一次该轮到自身来请客。 376.You set me up! 你把作者整惨了!
377.Some for you,and some for me. 一些给您,一些给作者。 378.It makes no difference to me. 作者不在乎。
379.He’s a man of few words. 他是个沉默的人。 380.I’m at your disposal anytime. 小编甘愿随时为您效力。
381.This is a matter of life and death.
那是一个很重大的题材。 382.You’d better play ball with me.
383.What do you do in your spare time?
你在清闲时,有啥消遣? 384.Don’t be so courteous. 不必如此客气。 385.Let me do it myself. 让自家要好来做。 

386.Nothing special. 从未有过什么特别事情。 387.Please come anytime. 请随时光临。
388.Don’t get me wrong! 别误会作者的情致! 389.I hope it’s so. 作者希望就是那般的。 

390.I think it’s so. 作者想就是如此的。 391.What kind of business are you in?
你做的是什么生意? 392.You really have great ability and great skill. 你当成万能。 

393.What does it have to do with you?
那么些跟你有哪些关系? 394.May I ask who is calling? 请问你贵姓?
395.Is it far from here on foot? 从此地去,走路远不远? 

396.Not far,it will take you about ten minutes.
不太远,大致10分钟就到。 397.I took care of the check. 作者已付过账了。
398.Would you like to leave a message for him? 你要给他留话吗? 399.He is the man on the way up.
他将来是满面红光时。 400.Make up your mind. 快决定吧。 

401.I’ll be there.  笔者按时到来那里。 402.Tell me more. 多告诉作者有个别。 403.You have my blessing. 本人祝福你。 

404.What is the difference do you think?
你觉得有如何两样? 405.You don’t look your age. 你看起来,不像那么大年纪。 406.Are you kidding me? 你在开我的噱头啊? 

407.So far so good. 到方今截至好在。 408.No man is good enough for her.
她骄傲。 409.What’s behind you? 你到底有啥样隐秘? 410.Are you ever homesick? 你平时想家吗?
411.Make water(Pass water.I have to do a No.1.I have to take a leak). 小便。 412.Go ahead. 继续。
413.What is wrong? 怎么啦。

414.Please give my best(best regards,kindest regards)to your family.
请替作者向您家人问好。 415.Take a seat,please. 请坐。
416.Don’t lose heart. 别悲伤。
417.The same old game. 如故老一套。
418.My patience is exhausted. 小编已到了不可以容忍的境地了。 419.I have no patience with you. 我对你已力不从心耐受了。 420.Much too early. 来得太早了。
421.Excuse me a minute. 抱歉,我失陪了。
422.It’s all nonsense. 那全是乱说。 423.Don’t be afraid. 不用害怕。 424.Don’t be silly. 别傻了。
425.Don’t be worried. 决不伤脑筋。
426.What’s he like? 他长得怎么样? 427.It’s closing time. 要打烊了。
428.How could you be so stupid? 你怎能会那样笨?
429.How can you do such a thing? 你怎能做那种业务? 430.You can’t do that to me. 你无法那么对待自个儿。
431.You got the nerve to do that to me.
你那样对待作者,简直是精神病。 432.Is that so? 是真地吗?
433.That’s so. 原来那样。 434.That’s too bad. 那太可惜了。 435.I’m crazy about her. 俺爱上了他。 436.What shall I do? 笔者该怎么做?
437.I will never forget your kindness.
小编绝不会上树拔梯的。 438.I’ll be happy if I can be of service to you.

439.I didn’t expect to meet you here. 没想到会在那里遇见你。 440.I will be in touch. 小编会跟你关系。 441.Don’t boast. 少吹牛。
442.I happened to be there. 自家正要在那边。 443.Not necessary. 不必了。
444.You are kidding(joking)?你在快意吗? 445.No kidding. 没有高兴。

 446.Stop bothering me. 别烦我。 447.Get out(Go away). 滚出去/走开。 

448.He’s gone. 他已经逝去了。 449.We’ll make up for your loss. 大家会补充你的损失的。 450.What are you looking at me for? 你望着本身干什么? 451.Don’t do this to me.  不要这么对作者。 

452.You can’t make me agree with you. 你不可以使本人同意你。 453.My idea is different from yours. 小编的想法跟你的不比。 454.Nobody will believe that. 那件事没有人会相信的。 

455.We sing the same song. 我们是投机。 456.I want to speak to you alone. 我要独自跟你谈一谈。 457.In my opinion,this is a good idea. 作者觉着那是3个好法子。

 458.I wish I could do something. 作者愿意小编能帮点忙。 459.I will see that I can do. 作者看看能帮上什么忙。 460.There is no doubt about it. 那件业务是自然的。 

461.How much do I owe you? 作者该付你有点钱? 462.I know how you think. 作者清楚你在打什么意见。 463.I don’t mean to offend you. 作者不是故意冒犯你的。

 464.Did I say something wrong? 我说错了何等话? 465.I don’t know what to say. 小编不清楚该怎么说才好。 466.I am always taking without giving. 作者接二连三占你的便宜。 

467.I know it’s a hard time for you. 小编晓得您心思不佳。 468.No need to thank me. 用着谢笔者。 469.I hope all goes well. 笔者愿意任何都顺遂举办。 470.Now I come to think of it. 以往自身想起来了。 

471.He is free from blame. 他一贯然而错。 472.Do I have any choice? 笔者有选用的退路吗? 473.Who is to blame for this? 此事该怪何人? 474.You are to blame for the accident. 对外意外事件,你应受责。 

475.Would you speak a little louder? 请你说大声一点儿好啊? 476.威尔 you speak more slowly? 请你说慢一些好呢? 477.He has gone home. 他已回家去了。 

478.May I have him call you back? 要不要叫她回你电话? 479.All of us are very fine. 我们我们都很好。 480.Please keep quiet. 请大家肃静。 481.At least I think so. 至少,小编认为是那样。 

482.Please explain this expression. 请你把那几个词句解释一下。 483.Don’t ask questions about other people’s private affairs. 有关外人的私事,最好不用问。 

484.What is the weather forecast today? 前几日气象预先报告怎么样?
485.The visibility is rather low. 能见度很低。 486.How is that possible? 那件事怎么或然? 487.Is it possible? 有大概啊?

 488.Nothing gives me so much pleasure. 再没有怎么能使本身这么的喜悦。 489.Nothing could make me happier. 没有何样令我更愉悦的。 490.Looks like it’s going to be fine. 看起来天气将会转睛。 

491.The weatherman says it is going to be fair today. 气象预告说,今日天气会转晴。 492.I’m afraid it’s going to rain today. 或者今天会降水。 493.I’m very pleased at the news. 小编对这几个新闻感到非凡热情洋溢。 

494.I know nothing about this. 关于那件事,作者毫不知情。 

495.Excuse me,I didn’t do it on purpose. 对不起,我不是故意的。 496.Excuse me,I will be back in a second. 对不起,作者立时就赶回。 497.I’m sorry about that. 关于那件事,自己至感抱歉。 

498.I’m sorry for what I did. 对作者所做的,至感歉意。 499.I’m ready to do anything to make up for the loss. 对于这一次损失,本身准备作其余补偿。 500.I am blessed if I know. 作者通晓才怪呢。 

501.Don’t do it for the time being.  一时别做那件事。 502.I’ll knock you flat. 作者要揍你。 503.Don’t jump on me. 别对自家发火。 504.Keep your nose out of this. 少管闲事。 

505.The situation is getting worse and worse. 情形进一步糟。 506.He is in the soup. 他陷入困境。 507.Are you self-employed? 你本身当高管吗? 508.You lack humanity. 你或多或少人情味都没有。 

509.Keep your hands to yourself. 你不用乱摸。 510.No great shakes! 没有怎么惊天动地! 511.I keep nothing from you. 作者对你不要隐瞒。 

512.I know you kept a lot of things from me. 小编知道您不说了自我无数事情。 513.Don’t warm a snake in your bosom. 别引狼入室。 514.He is out of danger now. 他今日已脱险。 

515.I’ve never seen him before. 作者有史以来不曾见过他。 516.He’ll never spot me. 她再也找不到自个儿了。 517.You are doing me a faver. 那是您的(辅助)关照。 518.How did you make out? 你把业务做得如何?

 519.Give me a couple of days to kick it around. 给本身几天考虑时间。 520.Take my words to heart. 把自个儿的话牢记在心中。 521.You are standing on my property. 你侵入作者的限定。 

522.If you are in a hurry,go yourself. 假如您急的话,你就先走吗。 523.What the devil are you doing? 你在搞什么鬼? 524.Your wish is my command. 你指望自个儿哪些,小编就如何。 

525.He always loses his head. 她平常生气。 526.You are a lucky dog! 你真幸运! 527.You’ve got a big mouth. 你真多嘴。 528.It won’t be long. 不会太久。

529.Take good care of yourself. 请你多保重。
530.His head is in the clouds. 他想入非非。 531.Here’s yours. 那几个是给你的。 532.How is your business? 你是饭碗怎么? 

533.You are impossible! 你真是不得理喻! 534.No one else is here. 那里没有其外人。 535.Overtime. 加班。 536.汤姆boy. 男士气的女童。 537.short time = make love 做爱
538.What do you want to see me about? 你找作者干嘛? 539.It’s up to you. 由你来支配。 540.You want to bet? 你想打赌吗?
541.I hope you will like it. 作者愿意您会喜欢它。
542.伊芙rything that can be done has been done.
该做的事,都已做了。 543.You will be sorry for this. 对此事,你会后悔的。 544.Don’t make a lot of promises. 不要乱开空头支票。 

545.You read my mind. 你了然自个儿的心事。 546.I can’t live without you. 小编未曾您活不下去。
547.You are going to set the world on fire. 你会大有作为的。
548.You’ll have to bill me,I am short of cash.
我一向不带钱,请您付账吧。 549.Don’t think too much of yourself. 不要觉得你协调高大。 550.You know better than I. 你比自个儿更精通。
551.Don’t speak ill of others. 别讲旁人的坏话。 552.You know the rules. 你该知情规矩。 553.It could be a lot of reasons.
一定是有案由的。 554.Do to others before they do to you. 先声后实。
555.It’s going a bit too far. 太过份了。
556.We did it in no time. 大家很快就坚实了。 557.Friends are honest with each other.
朋友间要以诚相待。 558.You have my word. 小编向你保险。
559.We keep no secrets from our friends.
大家和朋友间毫无隐瞒。 560.I’m in a good mood today. 小编前日心思很好。

 561.If it was damaged,I’ll be happy to replace it.
如有损坏,自己愿意赔付。 562.You have got to do something.
你早晚要想个办法。 563.You are too much for me.
自个儿不是您的挑衅者。 564.Hurry up,he is calling the roll.
快捷,他在点名了。 565.I’m going out there to make history.
作者要出动闯一番大事业。 566.You can’t please everyone.
您不能称心如意。 567.All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通赫尔辛基。 568.I’ll say no more,because there is no more to say. 笔者不再说了,因为没有怎么好说的。
569.Please lend an ear to me. 请听本人说。 570.You are all alike. 你们都不是好东西。 571.I’ll back you up. 作者会帮衬您的。
572.Nothing to it,I can fix it myself.
没有何样惊天动地,作者也能做。 573.Don’t soft soap me. 别给自己灌米汤。 574.I suppose so. 小编想是那般。
575.He wants to start over again. 他要双重起头。
576.I don’t like all yes-men. 作者看不惯全部没有主意的人。(应声虫)
577.He tries to cash in on me. 他想讨小编的便利。
578.I think I had better be going. 作者想自个儿该走了。 579.Take it or leave it. 要不要随你便。
580.I’m afraid you have got a wrong number. 可能你打错号码了。

 581.She’s a would-be singer. 她是个准歌手。 582.She’s a mother to be. 她是个准大妈。
583.She’s a working woman. 她是个职业妇女。 584.You ask for it. 你罪有应得。
585.He’s a man who needs no introduction.
他是个肯定的人士。 586.Money can buy a lot of influence.
金钱可结交许多达官妃嫔显贵。 587.You had better wise up,tell me where the money is. 你最好放聪惠氏点,告诉小编钱放在哪儿。

 588.People will say we don’t know what democracy is.
589.He’s there to cheer them on! 他为她们加油去了! 

590.My radio is on the blink. 作者的无线电坏了。 591.Good luck. 祝你有幸。
592.Let’s go window shopping. 大家去逛街吗。 593.apple sauce 风马不接
594.He’s a man in love with himself. 他是个自称不凡的人。 595.He doesn’t look big to me. 他的长相不如何。
596.Sometimes you win,sometimes you lose.
你有时胜,有时败。 597.It’s my pleasure. 那是本身的光荣。
598.It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. 就像海底劳针。
599.You are a loser this time. 你本次输定了。
600.He’s trying to corner the market. 他企图垄断市集。
601.It’s all over,why torture yourself.  一切都已驾鹤归西,为啥还要折磨自个儿。
602.Words move fast. 骇人听旁人说。 603.He is he,I am me. 他就是他,小编就是作者。
604.He needed someone to pep him up.
他须求人给她打气。 605.Why not? 为何不呢?
606.She got more that she bargained for.
她拿到的比期望更加多。 607.Some for you,Some for him. 一些给您,一些给她。 608.Her heart’s in the right place. 她的心胸不错。
609.Why don’t you watch whereyou’re going?
你为何走路不短眼睛? 610.Don’t get fresh. 不要贸然。
611.It’s fun to be with you. 跟你在一块太好了。
612.She has a baby face,but she’s a devil.
她长得是娃娃脸,但心思很毒。 613.Who gives the orders around here? 哪个人在此间发号施令?
614.He’s the black sheep of the family. 他是家中的害群之马。 615.Most people will vote for you. 大家都会接济您的。
616.Those newlyweds are still up in the clouds.
617.Who are you kidding? 你跟何人在心旷神怡?
618.On a give and take bassis. 有来有往。
619.You ought to be spanked. 你该打屁股。
620.She wraps me around her finger. 她吃定作者了。 621.Who are you? 你算老几?
622.I have had enough of you. 自家已受够你了。
623.You are not very smart to say that. 你说那种话,太不够聪明了。 624.None of your sauce! 别风马牛不相及!
625.Who blew the whistle? 什么人告的密?
626.He’s a whistle blower. 他是报案的人。
627.You don’t have the guts. 您是个从未勇气的人。 

628.All right,it is not your fault. 好啊,不是你的错就是了。 629.He’s full of a pep and energy. 他是个精力旺盛的人。 630.Where was I? 小编刚刚说到哪儿?
631.We must keep on the ball.
大家亟须进步警惕。 632.Your future is rooted in your past.
633.It’s noisy,smoky and too crowded here. 此地人多嘈杂,空气又不佳。
634.Where there is life,there is hope.
有生命就有梦想(留得青山在,不怕没柴烧)。 635.Pull(make)a long face. 扩展脸。
636.All your debts are off the book.
你的账一笔勾消。 637.It’s not the first time and won’t be the last.

 638.Where’s your sense of humor?
你的有趣感到哪儿去了? 639.Grinding your teeth. 你敢怒不敢言。
640.Are you sure I won’t be in the way?
你规定作者会没有事呢? 641.You can’t find a thing out of line.
您找不到缺点。 642.Where are you calling from?
你的对讲机从哪个地方打来? 643.Live up to your words. 你要坚守诺言。

 644.The first round is yours,the second is mine. 首次合你胜,首回合就看本身的。
645.It’s my treat,choose whatever you like.
本次本人请客,你喜爱怎么就吃什么。 646.Shut up! 闭上你的嘴!
647.When will you grow up?
你什么样时候才算长得大? 648.What does it have to do with you?

649.Are you sure you have never done that before?
你敢说您从未做过那件事吗? 650.I am more than happy. 作者很开心。
651.When things go wrong,smile.  当事情不如意时,要泰然处之。 652.What the heck? 什么鬼东西?
653.What the heck made you do that? 你怎么搞的,会做出那种事情来?
654.You don’t get it?It’s so simple. 这么简单,你都不懂? 655.Bring me up-to-date. 给本身最新消息。
656.When in Rome,do as the 罗曼s do. 入乡顺俗。 657.What on earth are you doing? 你到底在搞哪样?
658.Frightened of what?You are not a kid.
怕什么?你又不是小孩。 659.Don’t annoy me. 别烦小编。
660.What the hell is this? 那他妈的是怎么一遍事? 661.Are you trying to get me off your payroll?

662.That is the best excuse you could come up with? 那就是你找出来的特等借口吗?
663.伊芙ryone has an itch for money.
人们都想发财。 664.What the heck are you doing? 你在搞什么鬼?
665.Are you through with the paper? 你把报纸看完了没有?
666.You appreciate something only after you lose it.
东西失去时,才认为其不菲。 667.What are you up to? 你在搞哪样名堂?
668.What makes you think that? 什么事情使你那样想? 669.What kept you so long? 什么事拖延您那样久? 670.Go Dutch.
671.The heat is on,you had better go! 情形迫切,你最好不久离开! 672.What’s your line? 你是致力哪一行当? 673.Is she the one for you? 她是你的意中人呢?
674.You’d better get to the point. 你最好把话说领悟。
675.What the heck is that? 那是如王大帅西?
676.Nobody’s sweatheart is ugly. 情人眼里出西施。
677.How can I ever thank you? 作者该怎么谢谢你才好? 678.One day you have to face it.
将来肯定有那么一天你要面对现实。 679.What kind of food do you like? 你喜欢吃哪些菜?
680.威尔 you stop treating me like a child?
681.I want to show you something. 作者要给你看个别东西。 682.Don’t stick your nose in it. 毫无越俎代庖。
683.You may take it anyway you like. 你要怎么想都可以。
684.You are the apple of my eye. 你是本人喜爱的人。 685.What’s the beef? 发什么牢骚?
686.I’ll be seduced! 作者又要上当了!
687.You just give him my message. 你把本身的口信带给她就是了。
688.Why wait till the last minute?excuse. 不要找个理由来敷衍笔者。
769.There’s a fine line between love and hate.
爱恨之间很难分。 770.She has nice tits. 她的奶子很美。 771.Don’t make a fuss. 不要大惊小怪。
772.For you everything,but what’s in it for me?
一切依你,但您给自家怎么好处吗? 773.One year ends and another begins. 岁月不饶人。 774.Thanks for the tip. 多谢你告知小编。
775.The idea has just crossed my mind. 小编刚刚想出了那几个格局。 776.Can you give me a lift? 你是或不是顺便送自个儿一程? 

777.This isn’t the first time you’ve pulled that stunt.
你这一套绝技小编看多了。 778.I’m tied up today. 我明日很忙。
779.Don’t wash your dirty linen in public. 家丑不可外扬。
780.Don’t comfort me,it’s of no use. 安慰作者也远非用的。
781.Man does not live by bread alone. 人不是只为面包而活着。
782.If you do it again,I’ll throw you out the window.
假如你再犯,作者就把你扔出户外。 783.I know if from A to Z. 作者精通得清楚。
784.Some day my prince will come. 将来有那么一天笔者会找到如意娃他爸的。 785.How did you find this out? 你怎么着通晓的? 786.What a pity! 真可惜!
787.It’s my turn to treat you. 这次该作者请客。 788.Is there no end of it? 你有完没完?
789.I’m through with you.
我和您已断绝关系了。 790.You are through! 你完了!
791.Don’t push me too far! 不要把本身逼得太急! 792.My license is in good shape.
作者的驾照不会有标题。 793.If somebody hurts me I’ll hurt back!
794.This is a token of my esteem.
那是本人的有些心意。 795.Leave me in peace. 别管作者的事。 796.Who should I say is calling?
试问您贵姓?(电话用语) 797.I’ll put her in her place. 作者要当面给他狼狈。 798.There goes everything. 一切都完了。 799.Don’t let me down. 别令作者失望。
800.I’ll see what I can do. 自个儿看看是或不是帮得上忙。 801.There is nothing to it.  那绝非什么。
802.There are plenty of fish in the sea. 天涯何处无芳草。 803.I am broke. 作者破产了。
804.I’ll do a job on you. 小编要揍你一顿。 805.How soon could you start?
您如何时间能来上班? 806.The right man in the right place. 人尽其才。
807.萨姆e goes for you. 你也如出一辙。 808.Makd it short. 长话短说。
809.I’ll handle the person,if I have to.
如有须求,小编会对付他。 810.How do you figure that? 你怎会有那种想法? 811.She always has the last word. 她连连喜欢抬杠。
812.Take the meat and throw the bread. 要把握重点。
813.I’ll have ten thousand words with you.
本身要可以跟你详谈一下。 814.How much will you bet? 你敢打赌多少?
815.Who is speaking please? 请问你是哪一个人?(电话用语) 816.Do I have to draw a picture? 作者说得还不够驾驭啊? 817.How did your job go? 你的做事做得怎么着了? 818.The bill is on me=This is my treat=Be my guest. 这一次作者请客。 819.It’s hard to say. 很难说。
820.I have heard a lot about you. 久仰大名。
821.He’s the idol of girls. 他是个别克情人。
822.I don’t know what to do with John.
笔者真不知该怎么应付John。 823.There you go again. 你又来那一套了。 824.I’ll give you one last chance,buy it or not? 作者给您说到底机会,要不要? 825.This dish is so hot. 这道菜太辣了。 826.That’s not fair. 那是有失公平的。 827.That’s old fashioned. 那已不合时宜了。
828.I’m not as picky as you. 小编从不像你那么挑剔。 829.He holds a top job. 他位于高位。 830.That’s more like it.
那还几乎。 831.Too good to be true. 大致太好了。
832.Excuse me,could I have this dance?
小编可以请你跳支舞吗? 833.How did your shopping go? 你买了些什么? 834.That’s for sure. 本来。(表肯定) 835.I’ll show you the way. 小编为你指导。
836.I can’t cut down the money tree. 我不可以错过赚钱的时机。 837.That’s more than I can say. 作者无可奉告。
838.Could you give me some discount?
可以算自个儿有利一些呢? 839.Can’t you take less? 少算点行依然不行?
840.You can’t get it cheap! 那些价位最有利于可是了! 841.That’s better. 那好多了。
842.Let down your hair! 坦白地说吗!
843.I can never thank you enough. 作者不明白该如何谢你才好。 844.I need a steady job. 小编必要三个定点的营生。 845.Thanks for telling me. 多谢你告诉本身。 846.Let your hair dry! 你别神气!
847.I don’t mean to offend you. 小编不是故意冒犯你的。 848.I simply can’t afford it. 作者有史以来就买不起。
849.You are always taking without giving.
你总是占人家的便民。 850.Money makes the mare go. 有钱能使鬼推磨。
851.I don’t see how it could be. 这么些平素无法。
852.Why not give up smoking? 为何不戒烟?
853.We must keep in mind our final objective and our mission.
854.Be sure to keep in touch with me while you are away.
当您离开时,要跟本人保管联络。 855.Why do you kill time every day? 你为什么天天都消磨时间?

 856.How could he say no? 他怎敢说不援救? 857.How could I say no? 我怎么好意思拒绝? 858.Take your choice! 选五个呢!
859.Fish in troubled waters. 趁火打劫(混水摸鱼)。
860.I don’t know what you are talking about.
小编不清楚您在胡说些什么。 861.Now I’m safe and sound. 将来本人平安无忧了。
862.Don’t worry,I’m going to get even some day.
不要操心,有朝一日作者会报复的。 863.Don’t fuss at me,please! 请不要骚扰本身。 864.伊芙ry day had it’s day. 总有出头的一天。
865.How long have you been here? 你来那边有多长时间了? 866.We talked our hearts out. 大家互吐心声。 867.I’m ready,fire away! 小编准备好了,发轫吧!
868.Don’t make a federal case out of this matter.
不要把此事无病呻吟出去。 869.That’s a fake. 那是个骗局。
870.Excuse me,I have to take a leak. 对不起,作者要去上洗手间。
871.You have to keep your ears to the ground. 你要升高警惕。
872.I got a big favor to ask you. 作者想请你帮个大忙。
873.We have a moral responsibility.
我们有德行上的义务。 874.Don’t talk behind people’s backs.
875.Don’t monkey with my car.
别乱搞我的车子。 876.If the bridge is destroyed our plans will be all shot. 若是桥梁遭遇破坏,我们的安顿就崩溃了。
877.So that’s how it’s done! 原来如此!
878.Don’t you talk back to me or I’ll hit you. 别还嘴,否则作者揍你。 879.Check in. 登记住进客栈。 880.Check out. 付账退客栈。
881.I know it’s a bad time for you.
作者知道您今后心思不佳。 882.It’s a waste of time! 简直是在浪费时间! 883.Waste one’s breath. 浪费口舌。
884.I know a thing or two. 小编知道。
885.You do all the talking. 由你意味着去谈判好了。 886.I like your style. 作者喜爱您这么的调调。 887.Let him have his own way.
让其放纵。 888.I know you better than yourself! 小编把你看透了! 889.Please,say it with flowers.
请帮自身说几句好话吧! 890.He is an eager beaver. 他是三个工作费劲的人。 891.I don’t like this stuff. 小编不喜欢那样东西。 892.Ready-made.
893.He is a man of fine character. 他是壹个操守卓越的人。 894.Just drop in for a chat. 顺路来跟你聊聊天。 895.Butter him up a little! 奉承他几句吧!
896.Our manager is an early riser. 我们的老董是一人睿智能干者。 897.Easy come easy go. 来得易,去得也快。 898.Do you like to watch striptease?
你喜爱看脱衣舞吗? 899.He’s a ball of fire. 他生气旺盛。
900.If I do,I’ll let you know.
如若作者要做,作者会先让您通晓。 901.He bukled down to a hard job.  他不遗余力从事一件勤奋工作。 902.You had better buckle down! 你最广大用心!
903.Don’t try to strike an attitude with me. 不要对作者摆臭架子。
904.You ought to keep an eye on the enemy’s activity. 你要密切注意敌人的位移。 905.Drop me a line when you get there.
你到达后,写封信给本人。 906.Sorry,I took it out on you. 抱歉,作者拿你来出气。 907.All right,I crossed you,what do you say?
好,小编骗了您,你想什么? 908.Don’t be so quick to judge! 不要太过于武断! 909.Step aside,you are in my way. 站到一面,别挡住自家的路。 910.He’s tied to his wife’s apron strings.
911.Now I come to think of it. 以往自个儿想起来了。 912.I’ll put out the garbage. 本人去倒垃圾。
913.She stole the whole show at
last night’s party. 她在明儿早上宴会上抢尽了事势。
914.I’m a self-made man. 自个儿是树立。 915.I hope all goes well. 小编期待任何都能顺遂举行。 916.I was not expecting you.
自身从没想到你会来。 917.Who is that guy? 那1个东西是哪个人? 918.That guy is a bad egg. 那多少个东西是禽兽。 920.I hope you are in the roll. 作者期待你也来。
921.I wish I could do something. 希望小编能帮点什么忙。 922.Last night,I got cleaned.
明晚本人输得一清二白。 923.He is in bad shape. 他身处困境。
924.If we want to finish this on
time,we must keep on the ball. 假使想按时已毕此工作,大家必须大力干活。 925.Stay up all night. 熬夜。
927.I think an apology will be enough. 作者觉着没有怎么了不起的事。
928.I have got problems of my own. 我本人的事都管不了。 929.She is an old battle-ax. 她是个老泼妇。 930.I have got nothing to hide.
小编向来不怎么好隐瞒的。 931.Let’s start all over again. 让我们再从头来。
932.I can’t work anymore today,I’m beat.
作者有气无力了,明日无法再工作。 933.We must get there first in order to beat him to the punch.
934.Wait,don’t jump the gun. 别插嘴,等自小编讲完。

 935.I told you I’m in a hurry. 笔者不是跟你说过呢,我很忙。
936.I mean what I said. 作者可不是说着玩的。 937.They don’t match at all. 他们多少个一点也不包容。
938.Take it easy,don’t blow your fuse! 放轻松些,不要上火!
939.He is always a blow hard before strangers.
他三番五次喜欢在目生人面前吹牛。 940.He is fond of bragging. 她爱吹牛。
941.My car stalled out in the street. 作者的自行车在街上抛锚了。 942.He has a way with people. 他对任什么人都有艺术。
943.I told you,I don’t know that sort of thing.
944.It’s a nasty film. 这是一部下流的影片。
945.At the end of the month everyone is broke.
到了月初,每种人都赤贫如洗。 946.He is my buddy. 她是本人的爱人。
947.He is sent to the bug house. 他被送到精神病院。
948.I think they are stalling for time. 小编想他们正在拖时间。 949.She’s a bloomer girl. 她是个英豪新颖的小妞。 950.I want to speak to you alone. 作者想跟你独自谈谈。 951.She’s crying her eyes out.  她把眼睛哭红了。
952.No one wants to be a business girl all her life.
平昔不人想做一辈子的娼妇。 953.Don’t butt into other people’s business.
954.He will do it by hook or by crook. 他尽量做那件事。
955.What’s on your mind,speak up. 你心里想怎么着,说出去听听。 956.He’s a big shot in this city. 他是这些城市的大人物。
957.I want to make it short. 作者想把它长话短说吧。 958.That guy gives me a pain.
那些东西使人望着不入眼。 959.Can you beat that!He left all of a sudden without saying a word.
960.I don’t care for coffin nails.
我不希罕吸香烟。 961.You’ll be able to find him in the chow hall. 你能够在餐厅找到她。 962.Speak less and listen more. 少说多做。
963.What do you usually do in your spare time? 你平时在悠闲时做些什么?
964.He likes to blow his own horn. 他喜爱自夸。
965.I’ll wait for you with all my heart.
我一心在守候你。 966.You don’t see me griping. 无所怨言。
967.One of these days I am going to clean house for him. 以往作者会报复她的。 968.You must take your chance.
您肯定要试一试。 969.What does this mean?Don’t keep me in the dark.
970.I can’t take back what I said that day. 我记不起那天小编说了些什么。
971.Sorry is never good
enough. 对不起有个屁用。 972.He is a sourball. 他是个爱吐苦水的人。 973.He is a person after my own heart.
他赢得了自小编的欢心。 974.I never mentioned the money to him.
小编从不跟他提过钱的事。 975.He’s real sly and crafty. 他正是老奸巨滑。 976.Sometimes you win,sometimes you lose.
胜败乃兵家常事。 977.Is this telephone dead? 那电话坏了呢?
978.He is dead broke right now. 他明日穷死了。 979.Don’t be fussy. 不要吹毛求疵。 980.Don’t get fresh,or I’ll tell your boss. 不要勉强取闹,否则小编报告你的COO。
981.That doesn’t make sense to me. 对自身毫无意思。 982.She works on the air. 她从业播音工作。 983.Who said I’m upset? 什么人说作者发性子了? 984.He’s not quite an adult. 他黄口孺子。
985.You better think it over and don’t go off the deep end. 你最好要深加考虑,不要立刻下定论。
986.Don’t kid yourself. 勿避人耳目。
987.Don’t try to be smart. 不要这么神气。
988.Don’t fight the problem. 别唱反调。
989.He tried to double-cross me. 他想出卖本身(欺骗)。 990.This time you better not stick your nose in it.
991.So what else is new? 还有怎么样新鲜事? 992.So that’s how it’s done! 原来那样!
993.You are a screw ball. 你当成个怪人。 994.He is hip. 他很帅。
995.I did wrong,I take the blame for it.
自身做错了,小编该受罚。 996.You ought to be spanked! 你该打屁股!
997.汤姆 is an easy-going type of person,who gets along well with everyone.
汤姆和善可亲,与何人都合得来。 998.He is a happy-go-lucky type of man.
他是乐观派。 999.Your girl friend is pretty easy to look at.
您的女对象分外精良。 1000.I tried to pass you the ball every which way. 本人想尽方法把球传给您。


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