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it’s good. Not because I’m a fan of 杰西卡 Chastain but because she
made me a fan of Molly Bloom.



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  • 话题引入
    • OK then,
    • Alright,
    • Well, you know…
    • Actually,…
    • Right, OK…
    • Actually…
    • Well
    • Well first of all…
    • Well to be honest…
    • Well in general…
    • to be fair…
  • 引入观点(首回)
    • the first thing I should mention is that…
    • the point I’d like to begin with is that…
    • I could start off by saying that…
    • my initial point would be that…
    • I need to start off by pointing that…
    • the main thing you need to know is that…
    • I suppose I should begin by highlighting the fact that…
    • you may (not) be aware that in fact…
    • 【新葡萄京娱乐场网址】进而卷福学土耳其共和国(Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)语。I really need to kick off with the point that…
    • I would say that…
    • I suppose for the most part I’d probably say that…
    • I should really say that…
    • Of course I think I should say that…
    • I would definitely say that…
    • generally speaking, I would say that…
  • 引入观点(首回)
    • Another point which I could add is that…
    • A second feature which I should mention is that…
    • As well as that, I could say that…
    • On top of that I can also add that…
    • Also, I suppose I should say that…
  • 引入观点(第两次)
    • And I shouldn’t forget to mention that…
    • In addition to what I’ve just said, I can add that…
    • Something else that I need to comment on is that…
    • I guess I could also remark on the fact that…
  • 压缩范围
    • but in particular
    • particularly…
    • especially…
    • specifically…
    • to be more precise…
    • to be more specific…
    • to be more accurate…
    • [Yet/Still/But/However/Though] I
      [guess/suppose/think/imagine] the most adj.
      [perhaps/potentially/possibly/probably] be sth.
    • to be exact
    • to be more direct
    • 新葡萄京娱乐场网址,More precisely like…
    • Like more specifically…
    • Like for instance…
  • 形成并列(可用于举例、增加论点等)

    • Besides,…
    • As well as…
    • In addition to…
    • Another kind of sth. would be …
  • 释疑缘由(第二个)

    • And I guess this is probably because…
    • This could be because…
    • This might be because…
    • This is due to the fact that…
  • 解说缘由(首个)
    • As well as this…
    • In addition to this…
    • To add to this…

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影视最终Molly来到滑雪场从前attorney让他下楼grab some food开头, I felt
like I really wanna hug her in the movie. Sadly, I’m totally out of the
story and she doesn’t need me, at all.

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  • 用来发布珍视
    • I’m pretty keen on…
    • I’m really into…
    • I’m quite a ban fan of…
    • I simply adore
    • I’m quite enthusiastic about
    • I generally prefer (when comparing )
  • 用来表述不爱好
    • I’m not so keen on..
    • I’m not really that fond of…
    • I’m not much a fan of…
    • I really can’t stand…
  • 用来项目
    • there’s quite a mixed variety of…
    • there’s quite a wide range of…
    • there’s a fairly broad range of…
    • there’s quite an extensive diversity of…
    • there’s quite a diverse mixture of…
  • 用来引出分处境
    • I think I have to say that I really depends.
    • I suppose I would have to maintain that it kind of depends
    • I imagine that it would depend on the situation.
    • I guess my answer would be determined by different conditions.
  • 用来具体分景况
    • if A, then (it’s quite possible that/ as a consequence) I will
      (most likely/probably)…
    • if B, then (it’s more likely/it’s almost certain) that I will
      (almost always/most certainly)
  • 用来转折
    • Whereas in contrast…
    • Whereas on the other hand….
    • Though, at the same time…
    • While, oppositely…
  • 用来假诺
    • If + 一般过去式,I would/could/might + 原形动词
  • 用来总括
    • As a final point,…
    • Finally then…
    • To end with,…
    • As my very last point…

Always remember: actual involvement is critical.

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Molly:Is that a phone?那是个手机呢?

As far as I can imagine, the problem will come out one day. Here comes
the Software Engineering.

S:It’s a camera-phone.是个拍片手机。

I’m not a big fan of self-compromising, though I could relieve myself
well in the situation.

Molly:And you’re x-raying it?你在用X光扫描它?

This course has been tough for me from the beginning. Although it won’t
be a unacceptable result even though I’d failed the course, I’m still
very disappointed to myself. Why not invest more time on the course
instead of taking chances to wish a pass?

S:Yes, I am.是的

I should quit the habit of acting as a gambler, not only on the course,
but also on the learning of CS in the future, because the solid
knowledge comes from the thoroughly understanding, rather than the good
result from good luck

Molly:Whose phone is it?是何人的手机?

S:A woman’s.一个妇女的

Molly:Your girlfriend?你的女对象?

S:She’s my girlfriend because I’m x-raying her

Molly:Well, we all do silly things!嗯大家都会做傻事

S:Yes… .they do, don’t they? Very silly. She sent this to my address.
She loves to play

Molly:She does?是吗?

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W:Hey, Sherlock…嘿,夏洛克。

S:We have a client.我们来客户了。

W:What, in your bedroom?什么,在您卧室里?

S:So, who’s after you?所以是何人在摸索你?

Adler:People who want to kill me.想杀掉自家的人。

W:Who’s that?是谁?


W:It would help if you were a tiny bit more

S:So you faked your own death to get ahead
of them?所以您用假死来私吞先机。

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Adler:It worked for a while. Except you let 约翰 know you’re alive,
therefore me.有一阵挺有用,可您告知John你活着,也就报告了本身。

Adler:I knew you’d keep my secret.小编驾驭您会保守秘密。

S:You couldn’t.你无法确信。

Adler:But you did, didn’t you? Where’s my

W:It’s not here. We’re not stupid.不在那儿,大家不笨。

Adler:What have you done with it? If they’ve guessed, they’ll be
watching you.你们把它怎么着了?假设他们猜到了,会监视你们的。

S:Then they’ll know I took a safety deposit box at a bank on the Strand
a few months

Adler:I need it.笔者急需它。

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W:Well, we can’t just go and get it, can we? Molly Hooper, she could
collect it, take it to Barts. Then one of your homeless network could
bring it here, leave it in the cafe, one of the boys downstairs could
bring it up the

S:Very good, John, excellent plan, full of intelligent

W:Thank you. So, why don’t I phone…感激,不如自身打电话….

S:So, what do you keep on here? In general, I

Adler:Pictures, information, anything I might find

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S:For blackmail?为了敲诈?

Adler:For protection. I make my way in the world, I misbehave. I like
to know people will be on my side exactly when I need them to

S:So how do you acquire this information?那您是怎么获取那一个音讯的?

Adler:I told you – I misbehave.小编告诉你了,做坏事。

S:But you’ve acquired something more danger than protection. Do you
know what it is?但你获取的事物,比爱慕危险得多。知道是如何呢?

Adler:Yes…but I don’t understand it.是的,可小编也不驾驭..

S:I assumed. Show me.作者猜到了,给自己看看。

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S:The passcode.密码。

Adler:It’s not working.没用。

S:No, because it’s a duplicate I had made into which you just entered
the numbers 1058. I assumed you’d choose some thing more specific than
that, but thanks,

Adler:I told you that camera-phone was my life. I know when it’s in my

S:Oh, you’re rather good.哦,你可真棒。

Adler:You’re not so bad.你也不太差。

W:Hamish. John Hamish Watson, just if you were looking for baby

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Adler:There was a man, an MOD official and I knew what he liked. One of
the things he liked was showing off. He told me this email was going to
save the world. He didn’t know but I photographed it he was a bit tied
up at the time. It’s a bit small on that screen, can you read


Adler:Code, obviously. I had one of the country’s best cryptographers
take a look, though he was mostly upside down, as I recall. Couldn’t
figure it out. What can you do, Mr Holmes? Go on, impress a

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S:There’s a margin for error, but I’m pretty sure there’s a 747 leaving
Heathrow tomorrow at 6.30 for Baltimore. Apparently it’s going to save
the world, I’m not sure how, but give me a moment, I’ve only been on the
case eight seconds. Oh, come on, it’s not code, these are seats on a
passenger jet. Look, no ‘I’ because it can be mistaken for one. No
letters past ‘K’ – the width of the plane is the limit. The numbers
always appear not in sequence, but the letters have little runs
of sequence all of the place families and couples sitting together. Only
a Jumbo’s wide enough for a letter ‘K’ or rows past 55, so there’s
always an upstairs. A row 13 eliminates superstitious airlines. The
style of the flight number, ‘007’, eliminates a few

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S:Assuming a British point of origin because of the original source
information, and assuming the crisis is imminent, the only flight that
matches all the criteria and departs within the week is the 6.30 to
Baltimore tomorrow from Heathrow. Please don’t feel obliged to tell me
that was amazing, John’s expressed that in every possible variant
available in English
language.因为情报来源于那里,再假定风险迫不及待,所以唯一和这一个统统契合的本周航班,就是希斯罗前日6:30到罗利的航班,不劳你麻烦夸我多厉害了,约翰为表明那个意思,已经用尽了United Kingdom语言中的一切词汇。

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Adler:I would have you right here, on this desk, until you begged for
mercy twice.小编真想就在那要了你,就在那桌上,直到你求饶,两回。

S:John, can you check those flight schedules, see if I’m

W:I’m on it, yeah.作者正在找。

S:I’ve never begged for mercy in my life.小编那辈子从没向人求饶过。


W:Yeah, you’re right, flight double ‘o’ seven.你是对的航班号007。

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S:What did you say?你说什么样?

W:You’re right.你是对的。

S:No, after that. No, what did you say after that? Double ‘o’ seven,
flight double ‘o’ seven. What, something,

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